Ebony Tee x 3

When I purchase a new sewing pattern, I like to think that I’ll use it a few times to get my value out of it. I always hate a once-used purchase. Thankfully the Ebony Tee by Heather at Closet Case Patterns isn’t a ‘once only’ pattern. In fact, I’ve already made it three times!

First, I have a modified Ebony raglan tee in stretch velvet and thick, white, poly knit fabric which I picked to match the weight of the velvet and so that it wouldn’t be sheer.

I was totally inspired by a Pinterest image with this make – though the inspiration tee was made with olive green velvet. This teal stuff was available at Pitt Trading when I headed there early in the school holidays, so it was an easy way forward.

I really love the fit of the raglan sleeves in this pattern. I love a fitted sleeve and I really like the swing bodice.

I’m surprisingly pleased with this make. I think it will get a lot of wear. The only change made to the pattern was to reduce some of the swing in the bodice due to fabric restrictions.

Next Ebony is a french terry knit jumper, made with fabric from Maai Design.

This fabric is wild! I love wild, but I think this take it a bit further. This isn’t a make that it trying to emulate a commercial product, but I think I like it.

I haven’t had a chance to wear this yet, as the weather hasn’t been cool enough, but I’m hopeful it will work in my wardrobe. With this jumper, I made View A with a jewel neckline, but sized up so that this can be worn as a jumper, over other garments.

Lastly, Ebony No.3 was my test garment. This fabric was also from Pitt Trading and purchased from their remnant bin for just $3 per meter. It’s more pink than orange, which doesn’t show in the photos and is just an easy to wear top.

I’m super pleased with all three of these garments and I love that they all look so different. There will definitely be more Ebony tees in the future.

Ansa Dress

I’ve not sewn many Named patterns, but couldn’t help myself when the Ansa dress was released earlier this year. As it happened, I had just been to Spotlight and spied this microfibre on sale and knew it would be a good match. I don’t sew often with microfibre, well actually, I don’t sew with it at all, but it is thin and stable and draped well, so knew it would work.

This pattern was easy to put together and seems very easy to wear. As the print on my fabric is rather busy, I omitted sweet heart panelling on the front of the dress. Instead I overlapped the bodice top and bottom portion at the sewing line of the sweet heart seam and cut the front in one piece. The only other minor changes I made was to slightly shorten the sleeves as they seemed a little too long for my frame and lengthened the dress slightly
I plan on wearing this frock more or less as pictured during winter with a cardigan or coat. I’m also planning on making the top version too.

I really like this dress and hope to make version for wear in warmer weather.

Farrow Dress

As you can see from these pictures, I very clearly ripped off, I mean, was inspired by Jen’s version of the Farrow made in the same Liberty Lantana.

I’m not known for my love of green, but I really love this Liberty Lantana from The Fabric Store. It’s much more substantial for wear in winter, and even though my dress is sleeveless, it will be just fine with either a tee under or a cardigan and coat. I spent quite a while cutting this fabric to ensure a nice centre front and back seam, then realised those little circles on the fabric weren’t uniform. So there was quite a bit of basting and unpicking to get a nice seam, which is a little off centre, but you can’t tell when I wear it.
The dress is simple and fits well. I’m a little concerned that the fabric doesn’t have enough drape. I took a side angle shot, which is horribly out of focus as Adele was operating the camera at the time, but it looks very triangle. Hopefully the fabric will soften a little more and drape better after a few wears.

I adore the pockets! The only change I made to the pattern was to use self bias instead of facings, which works just as well, and naturally I lengthened it a little.

I’ll definitely be making more Farrows in my future.

Acton Dress – The Pasta Dress

Earlier this year I found myself in a deep sewing funk. The darling husband realised it was getting me down and suggested I buy some fabric. What a catch right? Anyway, The Fabric Store was open and we were in the city, so it seemed like the right idea. Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much that caught my eye – typical right? This blue silk fabric made the cut though. It certainly isn’t my colour, but it’s so stable and soft that I just couldn’t not buy it.

As luck would have it, this purchase also coincided with a wedding invitation and well, I’m sure you realise that I have no dresses in my wardrobe that I could possible wear, so I needed to make a new one…

The Acton Dress by Emily at In the Folds has been on my ‘to sew’ list since it’s release and I was really quite happy with the pattern. I love the high neck line and cut away shoulder/arm design.

Surprisingly, the only fitting modification I made was to take in the princess seams a little. Most of the dress construction was a breeze and it was finished in a day, except for the lining, which I choose the hand stitch in place. Unfortunately, in the weeks following construction and prior to the wedding, the silk bodice appeared to drop a little and then sagged/ballooned over the lining. So the morning of the wedding I found myself unpicking and resewing, then unpicking and resewing the lining again, which as you can guess overworked the silk and I had to take in the center bodice seam ending in a dart along the top of the skirt. Thankfully you can’t see the dart in the busy fabric, and thankfully you can’t see the finish inside the dress, as it’s not up to my usual standard. I think the next time I make this dress out of a fabric that it likely to drop, I’ll let it hang for a few days prior to stitching the lining.

While this fabric clearly isn’t in my usual colour pallet, I really like it. The black and white pasta pieces give the light blue colour an edge, and as it’s a satin back silk crepe, it has a lovely matt finish on the outside, but feels really swish and silky on the inside.

This dress is definitely a win and I have more photos to share this week as I have finally found my camera cable. 🙂