Happy New Year

Happy new year all! As the eternal optimist, I feel 2017 is going to be a cracker year. We are already gearing up for a busy one though, but I’m sure the sewing will continue, though likely at a much slower pace.

To round up 2016, I blogged 56 finished items, but I think the real count of completed items is somewhere closer to 80 or more. While I love blogging to maintain records of my makes, it is time consuming, so many more simple items, or those made during hectic life times have been left off the blog. You can see most of my finished items from 2016 here on my blog.

To wrap up the year, I’ve completed some faves and fails for the year.

Most worn item

My most worn finished item never made it to the blog, as I wore it too often. This item is a testament to the fact that you don’t need fancy fabric or patterns to make a winning item.

Both fabrics remnants for this tank were purchased from an Op Shop over 6 years ago. I used them back here to make leggings for Adele when she was a baby. Gosh, it’s crazy, funny reading old blog posts. Those times, with three really little kids were so, so tough! I’m surprised I got as much as I did done, though I didn’t sleep much back then.

A close runner up for my most worn item made in 2016 is this Style Arc Elsie Overshirt. I suspect I’ll be making another of these this year.

Most Complimented Item

While I don’t love this dress, I do get the most compliments when I wear it. It is also a polyester or similar fabric, so I don’t need to iron it, which makes it great for rushed mornings, so long as it’s not going to be a stinker.

This top, while a recent make, is a close second. The colours get people and I am often stopped to ask where I got it. As my two most complimented items are bright, I really should take note and try to shift my fabric purchases to include more vibrant colours.

Item most proud of

Again I have two items, this first was also not blogged. I made a shirt for my husband this year and it is really awesome. It fits, it looks good and he likes it! Hopefully I’ll get proper photos and do a real blog post on this one.

The other item is my Christian Dior winter coat. This took forever to make, it fits and looks awesome.

Perfect for my life!

I adore this dress. I love wearing it to work. If only it would be OK for me to own 20 of these to wear all the time.


Most unique

Seriously, everyone needs a quilted Liberty vest – Love!!


Least loved

Busy fabric. Need to stay away from it!


Total fail

This one kills me. I spent so much time making this frock and I adore the Liberty, but the straight skirt just does not work for work. Impossible! I’ve unpicked it, but now need to buy more Liberty to make it with a gathered skirt. I really need to get onto this as it’s too much of a waste to leave it unpicked on the floor of my sewing room. Seriously this kills me!!! So sad.

Too short – uggh! Thankfully I have short friends 🙂


While I’m in a sewing funk right now, I’m hopeful inspiration will strike shortly and I’ll squish in a few more makes before school goes back. Hopefully also regular blog programming will start again shortly, though I suspect I’ll be dumping the remaining items for 2016 into one post, just to catch up.

Stay cool east coast – it’s going to be a hot one!!

Crew Neck Tank Top

I’ve got all the fancy blog titles today, but you know, this is a crew neck tank top 🙂 I tend to get stuck on the style of the tops that I make and don’t often mix things up. This top is a little different… just a little.

I was inspired by the shape and fit and colour of the current range of Gorman tops (the brand that I love, but never buy). To get this look I used the bodice of the crew neck Lark tee, then raised the armscye a little.

The fabric is stunning. It’s from Tessuti and still available here. It’s just the colour injection I needed to add to my wardrobe. I’ve worn this top at least once a week since I finished it, mostly with my new denim midi.

I think this is the most complimented outfit that I’ve made in recent times. Love it!

Style Arc Juno

When Style Arc released the Juno slip dress, I jumped online and snapped it up right away. Totally 90’s revival with the t-shirt underneath! I dreamed of wearing it just like the illustration, then I realised I looked stupid with a t-shirt and slip, so didn’t bother hemming the dress for over a month.


Fast forward – the dress is now finished and even though I’m wearing it differently to how I imagined, it has grown on me and now, I finally like it. However, it did take a stinking hot day to appreciate the style and lightness of the rayon.

The down side of this frock is you do have to wear a strapless bra, which is a pain in the bum, but at least it makes the dress cooler to wear.


It was when I wore the dress just like this on a hot day that I realised I liked it. Simple with sandals.

My main gripe with the pattern is the cross over straps at the back. Like any cross back garment, it tends to billow out at the centre back, which isn’t ideal… unless you want people peering down your back at your undies. In my experience, unless a garment bodice is quite fitted, this will always happen with all cross straps. A pull over, slip dress however, is not fitted. I found the best way to increase everyday wearability, was to tie the straps to the loops straight and then together in the middle. It doesn’t offer the same look, but it does make it more wearable.


I really like the dress now, and I anticipate it will get a lot of wear on stinking hot, humid Sydney days like today. BTW – the rayon was from Tessuti fabrics, purchased on a whim, then given to my mother and then stolen back when this pattern was release – cuz I’m like that.  🙂 Hide your fabric peeps!

Denim Midi

It appears from the activity on my blog that I’m sewing a lot at the moment, or have been, but that is a misconception. I’ve struggled quite a lot this school term. It has been crazy hectic – school hectic, husband hectic, life hectic – not fun at all. I even went a few weeks without sewing at all, which sounds a little ‘poor me’, but when sewing isn’t just your hobby, it’s your yoga, your gym, your run and you go a few weeks without, you see how crazy you are.Thankfully my poor husband has been very accommodating of my short temper and stressy rants. Now that my student reports are written and there are only 13 more school days until holidays, I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Part of my sewing funk also came about, not just from stress, but from this stupid skirt. I wanted a flared denim midi, but the process in getting this to this wearable state was long and tiresome. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest.img_6029

I used an vintage Style pattern from my stash to make this (my sewing room is such a tip, I can’t find it). I made modifications to the waist, and then had to back track them all and take it in. Then the zipper was a drama as I didn’t interface it, and the bias edges rippled. Then I stuffed up the waistband, not allowing enough overlap for a proper closure. It’s not perfect, but I guessed no one would notice it…. until I told them. And I have told many, including parents, teachers and my mum. Why am I so dumb!!  I think I have done more reverse sewing on this skirt, than forward sewing…..


Anyway, I stuck to it and I’m really pleased with the finished product. I feel that this is a new part of my work uniform. Totally easy to wear and totally easy to sit on the floor in to read with the kids.


This denim shirting (which is far to heavy for a shirt in my opinion) was purchased from Style Maker fabrics and although it bled terribly the first time I wore it (Hello, Smurf legs!), it has settled nicely now.

In the end, I have another happy addition to my work wardrobe and I almost feel like making another…. almost…