Imaia top and floral shorts

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. It’s just that time of year. I’m going to start dumping some finished projects here, because I do love properly recording of my makes.

These two items have been finished for a few months. The top was made with the Slow Sunday Imaia top pattern, which is a French pattern company. I think I saw this on Insta and purchased it immediately. It didn’t come in pdf, so I had to pay to ship it to Australia, which I’m not a fan of. If you know me, you know I’m quite tight with my $$, so shipping and paper patterns aren’t my thing.

Thankfully I love the pattern. I really wanted a plain ‘going out’ top that wasn’t black. Do you fall into the ‘jeans and black top’ trap when you go out at night? I do. While I anticipated this would be just a night time top, I really love it for day wear too, and it goes perfectly with these new shorts.

The fabric was from the Remnant Warehouse. It’s a Bec + Bridge satin back, viscose crepe in a really lush, deep, dusty rose colour. It’s just so lovely to wear and easy to sew.

The shorts were a random make of mine. I really don’t make shorts and don’t wear them often. When I do, they are made with old jeans that I’ve cut off. This fabric was purchased from Spotty on the discount table for a few dollars a meter. I just love the design and anticipated making it into a pleated midi skirt, but it didn’t work. Thankfully the large pieces quite easily fit these shorts.

Now the pattern is a modified version of the Thurlow pants/shorts. I’ve morphed this pattern so much over the years, and made so many variations, that I couldn’t recommend that you use the pattern to get what I’ve made, but it was the base pattern for these.

For a non-shorts wearer, I really love these shorts. Despite the floral pattern, they are quite easy to wear and build into an outfit. I love that they have a higher waist and the leg is slightly longer (not cheeky – idk!), which is much more appropriate for my ‘close to 40’ age 🙁

Hopefully I’ll be back shortly with more makes. Reports are finished and we are finally winding down for the end of the year. I love looking back at the growth that my kids have made this year. They are such an ace bunch of kids and I will miss them next year. Let the Christmas craft begin!!

  • Beth_SunnyGalStudio

    I love that top, it is so pretty and would look great in a print as well.

  • Charlotte Elliott

    I think that the whole outfit looks great. That rusty rose colour looks great on you. What is the weight of that crepe like? I’ve been pondering ordering it myself in that colour or the olive to make Holly Jumpsuit pants or a pair of Flints. I hear you on the shorts situation. I really need to try out a few patterns as all the shorts in the shops are too short or tight.

    • The fabric is substantial for a crepe and would prob work for a jumpsuit. I also have sewn with the olive version of this fabric. I made pants, which you can see here:
      Technically the pants are good and the fabric worked, but they are just not my style – I’m a skinny or wide leg person, not in between. For the price it’s definitely good value fabric.

  • Melody Srygley

    Love the top pattern! I’ve never heard of this French design company before, but will definitely make the top when summer “turns on” in my hemisphere! (Thanks!)