Style Arc Margaret Pants

With the weather finally cooling down, I have been able to think about wearing trousers to work again. I’ve made many pairs of trousers in my sewing career, but none of my previous styles were catching my interest any more. So, during one of their recent sales, I went on a bit of a Style Arc binge and now have a few of their patterns waiting in queue. I have made their Elle pant pattern before, but really wanted something a little straighter around the calf and definitely something a little more high waisted for all the sitting on the floor that I do in my day job (no one wants to see butt crack!).

The Margaret stretch woven pants seem to fit the bill nicely.

I have three pieces of quite stretchy pant weight fabric that I have purchased over the past 12 months from Pitt Trading. They have all been from their remnant bin, so were quite cheap, but very nice. They are all very similar to the stretch gaberdine that Style Arc sells and perfect for this pattern.

Anyway, these pants are nice. I made no modifications and they fit really well. I have now cut out two more pairs. It’s going to be a Style Arc pant autumn.


Apologies for the crappy before school photos, but at least these pants are documented 🙂