Spring Uniform for the Sprog

Even if the people around me think I have a weird sense of style, including those pesky kindy kids with their ‘clown pants’ comments, this little kiddo thinks I’m cool. I needed to write this as I’m sure one day in the not to distant future, she will no longer think I’m cool. Inevitably, the time will pass and she will be embarrassed by me 🙁


After seeing my spring uniform emerge from my sewing cave, Adele started begging for her own culottes. I searched high and low for a suitable pattern, but at the time could only find the Oliver & S pattern and I really didn’t feel like spending USD$16 on something that would likely only be used once. So I drafted my own based on a boy’s trouser pattern from an old Ottobre magazine I have.


Naturally, the day after I made these, Kelly from True Bias launched her Mini Emerson pattern, which would have been perfect to use had I of known that it was coming… Anyway, the kid is ecstatic with her new duds! Now she wants pointy shoes like me, which I’ve assured her will never, ever, ever happen!


The fabric is an indigo denim shirting that I purchase from Style Maker fabrics a few months ago (there’s a coupon for this store here if anything catches your fancy). It is a little too heavy for shirting, in my opinion, but great for this project and possibly a Colefax dress for me, if I ever make it that far along my growing list of things to make!

We went out last weekend like this – twins!


She also wants a birdy peplum top too, which is more likely to happen than those pointy shoes.


I love this kid!

  • That is so, so adorable! Enjoy the good times while she loves your style!

  • Mrs. Smith

    My daughter just turned 18 and NEVER was embarrassed by mom! It can happen! Now my son well…he started in 2nd grade :-p

    Her outfit is ADORABLE! And you both are pretty cute!

  • I think I’ll need to make culottes for my kiddo, she’s all about the bike riding at the moment. I just had a quick look at the style maker fabrics and there are some great ones there, how was postage to Aus? Love the photos together ;o)

  • Mary

    That is so sweet! I did buy the Oliver and S culottes, but like yours better. Trying to be fair to the people behind the brand, their instructions are amazing.