Spring Uniform: Birdy Peplum

When this FREE pattern was released via Peppermint Magazine by Emily at In the Folds, I was struck by that debilitating inspiration that renders you immediately obsessed and driven to sew.

006I adore this peplum top and it works a treat with this Cotton and Steel rayon called From Porto with Love. This lavender fabric is quite different to my usual colour choice and I was worried about how I would wear it, but I really like it. I don’t think I’ll be heading on a pastel fabric buying binge, but I’m happy to have an item or two. I wish these were seagulls on the fabric, because that would be funny, but I think these are storks. I’m cool with that though 🙂


The proportions of this top work so well with my other new obsession, my cropped trousers. Even though one of my kindy kids said my pants looked like clown pants, I love them. They are a looser style, which I guess isn’t very mainstream, but man, they are the bomb of practicality and comfort (and we all know my middle name is ‘practical’).


To highlight the shoulder seams, I added some of the selvage of the fabric as flat fold piping. Why not right?


And I really dig the V shaped back.

Surprisingly, I made a straight size and no modifications, which is rare in my sewing life. Now that I’ve had this success, I’m seriously considering jumping on board the Rushcutter dress bandwagon. Surely I can still use more dresses in my wardrobe right?


This kid kills me! Can’t even take a photo in peace! 🙂

  • I love that fabric, looks great in the peplum top. Ah kindy kids, they just say what they think – what did you say back?!

  • Blogless Anna

    Looks fabulous. Obviously I need that pattern in my life!

  • Katy Sinclair

    would you mind if I ask what size you went for? I’m pretty much a 4 but the finished measurements seem quite roomy so was wondering if I should size down?

    • I made size C which is my size and it works – it is supposed to be a tent like. I think I may have taken it in 1/4 inch under the arms tho

  • Love it! Got it printed…. need to shop the stash….

  • Megan Parkinson

    Ooh, you’ve now passed on the “I must sew this top immediately” bug to me! I love it! The print is fab and it looks really comfy. Off to download the pattern now! 🙂

    • Consider yourself infected with the bug!

      • Megan Parkinson

        Cheers! 😉

  • jjuzzy

    Hi Christy, I love this top and I immediately went and binge read In the Fold. I am thinking I need size C too. I think you have said you are not that tall, and this looks the right length on you. I am 163cm, are you a similar height?

    I love your blog BTW. I am also in Sydney so I especially like all the local details and the Sydney backgrounds in your photos.

    • Hi – I used to think I was 164 cms, then I was measured by a doctor recently and I am now 163cm – maybe I shrunk! I’m a size 8-10 and it fit well, I think I did take it in a tad on the side seams. Good luck! That snapshot of Sydney is pretty much my backyard – no fancy photo shoots here! 🙂