Elsie Overshirt

Ooooh, dats a nice lookin’ shirt!


The Elsie Overshirt is a Style Arc pattern that I purchased for this fabric. I really wanted a loose, longer shirt to wear specifically with these jeans. They are a wee bit too tight, not uncomfortable, just really stretchy and fitted. I know they don’t look bad, but I just wanted something to cover my bumba.


As you can see, this shirt works a treat.

I really wanted a clean finish for the shirt, so tried to avoid any visible stitching. The pattern calls for the button and collar bands to be attached and serged, but I attached, turned them under and hand stitched them in place. I repeated this for the cuffs. I chose to use snaps along the button bands, so there are teeny, tiny stitched crosses which you can see that attach these. I just couldn’t think of a way of closing the front of the shirt without showing any stitching at all. Can you?


I forgot to photograph them, but I have added the loops to roll up the sleeves. As I thought the fabric was loud enough I didn’t add the pockets.

I’m really amazed at how well this shirts fits. I made a straight size 8 and the shoulders are puuurfect! The sleeves are perfect, the length is perfect and I adore the notched neck/button band.


The fabric is a really lovely quality silk that I purchased from Pitt Trading last year. It has a cross hatched like weave running though it which made it incredibly an stable fabric to work with.

I adore this shirt and it’s already getting quite a work out.