Slow Burn

This is the last week of term in NSW and I’m tired. I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting on the lounge at night and not achieving an awful lot. I’ve also picked up two slow burn projects which will impact my output.

The first is my crochet blanket from many moons ago. When Rachel came over last week and we did the usual sewing room round up and fabric stash inspection, she asked what was happening with my crochet blanket. I was kinda ashamed to admit that I hadn’t touched it for well over 12 months. Initially I thought this blanket would take me two years to make this, but looking back at Ravelry, I started in December 2010.

After a push these last two weeks, this blanket is now crocheted together. It is heavy and very warm. It is not queen sized, but rather a very generous couch size. Now I need to crochet the edges and weave in all those bloody ends! Such a crappy way to finish a project – there are thousands!!!

My other slow burn project is another winter jacket, this time using Lekala 4302 and some positively divine peacock blue wool/angora Tory Burch coating from The Fabric Store.

I have muslined this jacket and have shortened it as I don’t look good in longer styles. I think it will work, but I anticipate it will be a longer project as I’m planning on hand stitching the feature lines around the jacket edges and I’m not particularly fast with my hand stitching.

It is the end of term today and I will be celebrating!

More sewing should follow shortly. Happy Friday friends!

Skinny Trouser Jeans!

After my Thurlow binge last year, I’ve not needed to add to my trouser collection. Unfortunately, I’m kinda sick of wearing my Thurlows now. I’m still wearing my denim ones, but I’m not feeling the love for the others.

While I love wearing skinny jeans, I don’t want to become a teacher that wears jeans all the time. Step in these awesome, new look work trousers – skinny trouser jeans! Just like jeans, only more trousery! Confused? Yeah, they are just skinny jeans that are not made out of denim.

I’m super pleased with these new trouser skinny jeans. I love the fabric and the fit is surprisingly spot on.

While I was really interested in trying the Jalie jeans pattern, I struggled to find it locally, so went back to the Burda jeans pattern that I had used before Burda No.127 8/2009.

Clearly I skinny-fied the legs from my original makes from this pattern. This was done in a very technical manner whereby I laid an existing pair of skinnies over the top and hacked at my pattern. And as I had lost the back yoke piece, I just substituted it for the Grainline moss skirt yoke. Gosh I’m a hack!

To check the fit of the jeans, I basted the side seams and curve, tried them on and modified where needed before resewing and top stitching. It was a bit of a backwards sew project and certainly a hack make, but they have turned out so well.

The fabric is a stretch bottom weight fabric that I picked up from Pitt Trading. I think it may be a Cue remnant. It is very firm and I’m pretty sure the stretch is only mechanical, but still it’s a fabulous fabric. The colour is just awesome too. If you hold it to black it looks deep inky navy, but if you hold it to true navy, it looks deep purple. I don’t know what this colour is called but I love it!

More of these trouser skinnies shall follow for sure!

Pattern: Burda No.127 8/2009, traced from library and used before = Free
Fabric: 1m Cue remnant from Pitt Trading $5
Thread: $3.15
Zipper $1
Button: $1??
Total:  10.15 – BARGAIN!!