Vogue 8028. It’s a plus!

This dress has been hanging in my sewing room giving me the stink eye for about 6 weeks now. It has been a long and laborious process to complete it, but now that I’m finished, I am extremely happy with it.

I made most of this dress during the last holidays. I used Vogue 8028, which I’ve used before here, but chose not to run buttons down the skirt and clearly, not to use the sleeves. They sound like simple changes in theory, but naturally, it didn’t pan out that way.

First, to omit the front buttons along the skirt, the dress needed an alternative opening to get it on. So I inserted a side invisible zipper. I don’t know about you but I always get confused adding an invisible zipper along in seam pockets. I just can’t conceptualize how it works. So I sew and unpick, then sew and unpick, until it works. I don’t know why, I just can’t do it!

Removing the sleeves was also a problem as they armscye for a sleeved dress just can’t be faced or bound and expected to look good. So I fudge them and they are a tiny bit low, but still decent and should be cool for summer. Stressful!

By the time I attached the skirt, I was truly peeved off with this dress. The skirt didn’t sit right and certainly didn’t look good. To make matters worse, the waist was way too big. My modifications were off! Naturally, I cast it aside, far out of sight, then started on the next shiny project. Sound familiar?

To fix this debacle, I removed the skirt and re-attached it with simple gathers, rather than box pleats. I ripped out the zipper as I didn’t need it – the dress fit over my head. Then I ran elastic around the waist and attached the buttons, which again caused drama as they had to be purchased twice due to losing them.

I think that’s enough negativity for this post. Some positives to end my blog post with.
 – This is possibly the best collar and stand that I have ever sewn.
 – My edge stitching is top notch – far better than usual.
 – The fabric is super, super awesome! It’s an organic cotton voile called “It’s a plus” by Rashida Coleman, purchased from Hawthorne Threads
 – The dress is light and cool – I need to wear a slip with it, but I’m happy with that.
 – It has little ‘plus’ signs all over it! Seriously, how cool is this fabric? Perfect for maths groups on Mondays!

Pattern: Vogue 8028 – used before = Free
Fabric: 2.7 yards Rashida Coleman cotton voile from Hawthorne Threads inc part shipping = $44
Buttons: 4 x 50c from The Remnant Warehouse = $2
Thread: $2.90
Elastic and interfacing from stash
Total: $48.90

  • All your hard work has paid off. This will be great for more than just Maths.

  • Agree with Maria – all that effort was worth it! Love that fabric – it is so cute!

  • Love it! It looks amazing on you!

  • And your dress is adorable! Enjoyed your journey of pain, sew, unpick, resew – gosh, it seems it's all I do this fall! I blame it all on the weather 🙂 Beautiful fabric and you did end up with a unique and lovely dress.

  • Cute fabric! Your dress turned out lovely, no doubt those buttons will turn up shortly though now that you no longer need them!

  • I think it's cute! I'm bad about setting aside difficult projects too. I'm working on a blouse in that exact fabric right now and I agree it is just lovely!