Copy Cat Emerson Fry Railroad Pants

I’ve had an obsession with Emerson Fry for some time now. It started with these jeans. Which I made, then bought (I love them!). Now it’s the Railroad pant.

Using my trusty Thurlow trouser pattern, which I’ve modified again, and a helovalotta patience, I have finally reached the finish line with my version.

After a month of work, I wish I could say that I love them. They are nice, but it bugs me that the fit isn’t awesome. The back is pretty good, but the front is a hot mess!

I’m not sure what happened to the front leg area. Perhaps they are too tight. Perhaps the fabric distorted after working it so much. Perhaps the bias knee panels have shifted during construction. I don’t know, but it ain’t great – boo! They are also a little too big around the front fly area.

Regardless they are finished and I think still mostly wearable. I’m hoping after a wash or two something may change, but if not, it was a fun experiment in drafting, thinking, cutting, thinking, measuring, thinking, unpicking, thinking, ironing, ironing and ironing and finally finishing!

In hindsight, I also think it might have been better to modify a jeans pattern, rather than a trouser pattern.

The fabric was a remnant from the Remnant Warehouse. It’s some type of stretch ticking and it was great to work with. I have enough left for a skirt,  so it may crop up again in summer.

The flat photos here show more of the detail in the pants.

Look at that seam matching! And those faux welts – perfect!!

In this photo you can see the finished edging and bias knee panels.

This is the construction photo, showing how the panels were fixed to the pant fronts. They were not stitched down until the overall fit was checked. Once basting was removed, they were trimmed, ironed to within an inch of their existence and topstitched down – phew!

So there, one more project ticked off my list and for the record another has hit the bin!

This is my Burda Crossover Blazer 06/2012 #121 which made it out of my sewing room long enough to be photographed before hitting the bin. Fabric too drapey, fit a little off and just not sitting right – boo!

More projects to come. I just photographed a few more to share.

Pattern: Sewaholic Thurlow – used before = Free
Fabric: 2.8m Stretch ticking remnant from The Remnant Warehouse = $22.40
Thread: $2.75
Zipper: $3??
Hook, button, interfacing: $2?
Total: $30.15

Scrappy Sunki

I swear I’m not copying Lisa from Tessuti. I swear I had this Sunki cut before she posted her daughter’s stunning version. Really…Regardless though, this dress pattern is awesome!

I made Adele’s Sunki today, using a remnant that Rachel kindly gave me. She used the fabric for a Rooibos. The pattern itself was loaned to me by Jen, who’s been too busy building and not sewing much of late. So this dress cost me a zipper and a little time! Cha ching!

Blue Steel!

I chose to use contrast side panels in my version, just to show the cut of the frock. Adele loves the dress and the pockets.

Photo bomb from a rolling friend!

She insisted on wearing this dress the second I finished it. Being the lazy sewer that I am at times, I made the entire frock with grey thread, rather than changing. Being this lazy however, means blind hemming the dress and sleeves, and under stitching, rather than top stitching. Did I save time? I don’t think so, but hey, that’s the way I roll sometimes!

Happy Friday friends!!