Fabric salvaged from the scrap heap. Left over from a lesson in why we shouldn’t rush into un tested, self drafted designs using expensive silk when we are sleep deprived, stressed and emotional.

I managed to scrape together a Sewaholic Pendrell, but the fit is off. The fabric had stretched from the previous mishap. This will head back to the scrap heap.

And a more recent and expensive meh.

This one is almost OK. The fabric is expensive *sob*. I’m not sure why I dislike it so much.

I love the fabric, but the satin sheen it has makes it a little too dressy for my everyday style. I also I can’t wear a regular bra with the dress and that bothers me. I guess I can salvage most of it though. Maybe a nice top would be more wearable.

These things happen…

On a different and more exciting note. Are you coming to the Sydney Sewists meet up??
C’mon, you should come!

When:   November 24
Time:    12.30pm
Where:  Meeting at Tessuti, Surry Hills then to The Fabric Store and a yet to be determined other location for more socialising.

Are you in? Naturally everyone is welcome – bloggers, non-bloggers, serious sewers, starting sewers,
any sewers or sewists – whichever you prefer to be called.
Tell your friends, re-blog the details, shout it from the roof tops! Everyone is welcome!

  • I think it would make a gorgeous top…to be thrown on with jeans for all those casual Christmas parties.

  • i was actually thinking skirt – avoids the bra dramas i love the fabric

  • I'm sorry you are having a 'meh' episode – I've been having a 'blah' one. Must be something in the air.
    Would have loved to have come to Sydney however life had other plans. Our Sydney trip early this month was rushed (something to do with hubby buying bike wheels in North Sydney on fabric shopping day). Now my FIL is in Westmead and we are visiting him this weekend. Unfortunately only so many trips to Sydney I can make in one month – have fun!!

  • Oh, that is too bad. I do like Michele's idea of making it a skirt, to avoid the bra issue.

    Wish I was anywhere near Sydney for a meet up.

  • Shame, I think you don't like the dress because it's so green. Love both those fabrics! I am so looking forward to the Sydney catch up!

  • Maybe a top. I saw this one the other day while blog browsing ( and thought it looked very cool. Either a cool collar like this or a tie at the base may work.

  • If Tiger Airways has one of their crazy sales, I'll book a last minute flight from Melbourne! Unfortunately with Xmas and a bundle bills this month, I have no spare cash :/

  • I'm not sure why you don't like it either, it looks very pretty imo!

  • I feel for you, there's nothing worse than sewing something with beautiful fabric and then not liking it… bummer. I hope you can salvage the dress into something wearable – the fabric is beautiful!

    I would love to join you all on a shopping day, (although my husband probably wouldn't!) but unfortunately that is my son's birthday and he's having a party that day! Have fun and hopefully I can join you next time!

    Sam x

  • That's too bad. The dress looks great in the pictures, but best to salvage it for something else so it gets used.

  • Bugger! So many things combine to make a garment one you will love – only one element out of whack and it's destined to hide in the back of the closet forever :(.

  • I must have bad taste because I like both of these pieces. I never knew.
    I'm looking forward to joining you on Saturday 🙂