Melbourne Sewing Meet Up

I’m back home again after a wonderful weekend down in Melbourne with Rachel. I didn’t realise how refreshing time away from the kids and husband and housework would be and I’ll definitely be trying to do it again.

The sewing meet-up organised by the other Rachel was pretty awesome. It’s great to put voices to the blogs I read. I also found that Rachel is actually quite tall and so is Leith. I think a few people will be coping Leith’s Vogue 1250 and Simplicity 2250 jacket, and I’m sure I’m not that only one who was a little miffed that Leith pillaged the Tessuti remnant table before anyone got there – tee hee Lara is a crack up (but I knew that) and Kat is lovely. Melanie’s coat is better than awesome and everyone  was lovely and clever and wonderful company. My blog reader is now much more full!

The shopping was also awesome. Shopping at Tessuti is always a joy and I suspect there will be a few Freddy Vests in blog land in the coming weeks. The question is, who will finish theirs first?? I picked up my Marc Jacobs wool coating from The Fabric Store and also checked out Rathdown Remnants.

We also enjoyed some traditional shopping. You know, finished garments and shoes – crazy!! So my half full suitcase came home stuffed.  For those subjected to my obsessing over charcoal jeans/pants – I found them! and they were heavily discounted!! Woo hoo!

Now, I didn’t take photos, because I’m not the sort, but this one is from Kat. She has more on her blog. Leith will post some soon when she gets her camera back and there will be a stack over here too courtesy of Tj.

So successful was this little trip and get together, that we are thinking a Sydney sewing get together might be on the cards. Leith and Rachel are keen to join us, but first we may need to dimish our stashes a little. Some grew quite considerably over the weekend.

So what do you think – Are you up for a Sydney sewing catch up later in the year??

  • A Sydney meet up would be awesome….I'm in!

  • Sounds like you had a fabulous day! I was a bit jealous until you mentioned the Sydney meet-up. Yes please!

  • It was lovely to meet you! I'm still swooning over fabric… I'm made mental note of Leith's technique of arriving early to make the most of the remnant bin. Cheeky gal.

  • Oh YES it was so much fun! And I think that you are the crack up, my dear!

  • You snooze you lose!! I had a fabulous time. Half of my haul is washed and folded ready for cutting. I even cut out 2 dresses today! I vote for Sydney in Jan or Feb!!

  • Sounds so much fun – I would love to be part of a Sydney meet-up!

  • I'm in!

  • It was great to meet you on Saturday, Coming up to Sydney would be heaps of fun!

  • I'm amazed that Leith has already washed and folded some of her haul. It was great to meet you and Sydney meet up would be great – maybe I can get a weekend away from the family 🙂

  • Ohh I love meets up.. You girls had a blast…