Collette Meringue Skirt V2

Collette Meringue Skirt in denim = happy!

How many of these skirts can one person make?? three? four? ten??

I wore my black version to Island at Sans Souci last night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It is so super comfy, that I managed to eat my weight, or thereabouts, in traditional Greek mezethes and then eat dessert without feeling the slightest bit uncomfortable. I love clothing which is conducive to gorging oneself.

 This time I faced the skirt and hem in a paisley quilting cotton from my stash. Again, just because.

The key difference between this and my first version of this pattern, is the way I constructed the scallops. In my first, I clipped and notched the curves of the hem before pressing very well and very carefully, but still a few pointy bits remained, which you can see below.

I realise you can only see them on close inspection, but it does bug me. This time, I remembered this post on Pattern – Scissors – Cloth showing how to sculpt perfect scallops by trimming the curves quite close to the stitching, rather than clipping and notching.

It was definitely a more successful method for getting smooth curves. I also edge stitched the curves this time as there is a considerable difference in the weight of the denim and quilting cotton. I may still do this on my black version too.

Vogue 1174 is now finished, hopefully I’ll be able to photograph it tomorrow. Clearly there’s a ridiculous amount of sewing happening in this house at the moment. I think I’m in denial about Christmas being just days away.

  • those are nice scallops! I recently discovered a similar technique, but using pinking shears, that works nicely. and- surely it's ok to have the same skirt in every colour?

  • Ohhh, Sans Souci!!! Now that area brings back teenage memories for me…the old Sans Souci pub for one!!! Love your skirt – and looking forward to the next one, and the next…

  • Two is definitely not too many! I love both of your skirts.

    Thanks for posting about the different ways you trimmed the curves. It's very useful to see the impact of the two different methods.

    The facing in a cute print is genius! I might just steal that idea…

  • I'm in awe of your productivity. I'm still working on a 3.5 hr dress 5 days later. Saying that i have 2 kids at home in the run up to Christmas. Love them both.

  • OMG I love these skirts!! I might just have to buy the book! You look great in them! Can't wait to see that dress too!! I've seen it done with some little straps attached and I've been meaning to do that… it's on my long list! 🙂

  • I would make several of these as well if I were you. Love the facing fabric at the scallop hem. So darn cute!

  • The scallops are lovely. I really want to make myself something with a scalloped edge, but I'm a tad nervous.