Simplicity 3964

I made this top a month or so ago and thought it would become a ‘go to’ for me, but sadly, that hasn’t eventuated.

I had been hoarding an embroidered quilt cover for a number of years, knowing I would use it one day for a yoke on a top. This pattern really fit the embroidery shaping. The white fabric was left over in my stash after a failed make. I think it’s a poly cotton fabric from The Remnant Warehouse. It’s quite nice and light, like a cheese cloth or textured voile, but naturally the poly content keeps the wrinkles down, which suits my life.

The pattern – Simplicity 3964, a Built By Wendy pattern – came together well enough. Adding piping made the front yoke trickier to sew, but the rest mostly came together until I got to the cuffs/sleeves. They were a mega fail. I tried to interchange that pattern piece with the Tessuti Alice top pattern, but that didn’t work so I just bound the edges and left them as is.

While I want to love this top, I don’t reach for it often. Maybe it will grow on me.

In other news, I found this vintage dress recently in an Op Shop and I love it!

Just sharing it because it’s so neat 🙂 and fits perfectly!

  • Diane Lord

    I thin your top is lovely and it looks so good on you. Maybe you should give it another chance, it really does look nice on you!

  • Yvonne

    Ooooo, I love the yoke! I’m going to be keeping my eyes out for any unsuspecting quilts the next time I’m thrifting! 😉