Colefax Dress

It’s finally getting warm enough to wear my Colefax dress, which I finished about a month ago.

I used a really nice and totally crazy Tessuti sateen for this frock. It’s lovely and light with just a tad bit of stretch, and not at all like the Spotlight sateen. I’m not sure yet if I will wear this to work, but I know for certain that if I do, the kids will go nuts for it. They love my last ‘eyes’ garment that I made here, and enjoy finding all the faces.

One thing I was mindful of when cutting this frock was the placement of all those eyes and the lips. Despite my fabric shortage – due to being a fabric tightwad – I think I pulled off some pretty successful, strategic cutting.

Now the pattern: The Colefax dress is just a perfectly fitting a-line dress. This is my first and I don’t think it will be the last. I didn’t make any fitting adjustments except adding a little length. I look forward to wearing this on hot summer nights.

That’s all for now. I’ve finally finished photographing a few garments. I’ve been sewing quite a bit these days, but my time to photograph and blog seems to be limited, especially after spending the last school holidays away in Tasmania.

I’ll be back soon. 🙂

  • Sarah Timmins

    Great pairing of fabric and pattern on this one!

  • I agree, that’s a great fabric and a little spandex is so good to prevent wrinkling. This will be perfect for high summer when we’re all melting in the humidity.

  • Such a fun fabric, they will love it at school ;o)