Simplicity 3964

I made this top a month or so ago and thought it would become a ‘go to’ for me, but sadly, that hasn’t eventuated.

I had been hoarding an embroidered quilt cover for a number of years, knowing I would use it one day for a yoke on a top. This pattern really fit the embroidery shaping. The white fabric was left over in my stash after a failed make. I think it’s a poly cotton fabric from The Remnant Warehouse. It’s quite nice and light, like a cheese cloth or textured voile, but naturally the poly content keeps the wrinkles down, which suits my life.

The pattern – Simplicity 3964, a Built By Wendy pattern – came together well enough. Adding piping made the front yoke trickier to sew, but the rest mostly came together until I got to the cuffs/sleeves. They were a mega fail. I tried to interchange that pattern piece with the Tessuti Alice top pattern, but that didn’t work so I just bound the edges and left them as is.

While I want to love this top, I don’t reach for it often. Maybe it will grow on me.

In other news, I found this vintage dress recently in an Op Shop and I love it!

Just sharing it because it’s so neat 🙂 and fits perfectly!

Tessuti Lois Dress

When Tessuti dropped their latest pattern, the Lois Dress, it raced ahead of all of my other WIPs (blergh!) to the front of my sewing queue. I knew I had perfect fabric for it in my stash, which also helped.

I need to start by saying I LOVE this dress!! I think I say that about most items I make, but I really, really mean it this time!

The Lois is comfortable and incredibly slimming. I like that there isn’t a waist seam, but it still drapes perfectly, giving just the right amount of shape. I love the v-neck, and while it was a little too low for my liking and occupation, just a few little hand stitches were needed to raise the neckline about an inch and it was perfect. I doubted the sleeves and the bias cuffs, but after two wears, I really love them. I also doubted the true, longer, midi length on my frame, but again, after two wears have realised it is perfect. I wore this yesterday when speaking in front of the new Kindergarten parents for 2018 and was asked a few times about where my dress came from, which is always ace, though I do feel a bit weird still telling people I make my clothes – Do you find that??

Anyway, the pattern is a complete winner in my opinion. The only change aside from raising the v-neck was to very, very slightly take in the bodice seams, but only by 1/4 inch each side, which also led to me lengthening the side skirt darts.

Now to the fabric – I LOVE it too!! It’s a viscose from Blackbird Fabrics and it is just lovely to sew and wear. The print is spot on. You might recognise the print from this maxi dress I made recently. It’s the same, but just a different colour way. I clearly couldn’t decide when shopping and purchased both, because why not right? I’m so glad I did now.

So that’s that. Go on over and try the Lois dress and definitely head over to Blackbird Fabrics and see if you can snap up some of her awesome viscose prints!


Colefax Dress

It’s finally getting warm enough to wear my Colefax dress, which I finished about a month ago.

I used a really nice and totally crazy Tessuti sateen for this frock. It’s lovely and light with just a tad bit of stretch, and not at all like the Spotlight sateen. I’m not sure yet if I will wear this to work, but I know for certain that if I do, the kids will go nuts for it. They love my last ‘eyes’ garment that I made here, and enjoy finding all the faces.

One thing I was mindful of when cutting this frock was the placement of all those eyes and the lips. Despite my fabric shortage – due to being a fabric tightwad – I think I pulled off some pretty successful, strategic cutting.

Now the pattern: The Colefax dress is just a perfectly fitting a-line dress. This is my first and I don’t think it will be the last. I didn’t make any fitting adjustments except adding a little length. I look forward to wearing this on hot summer nights.

That’s all for now. I’ve finally finished photographing a few garments. I’ve been sewing quite a bit these days, but my time to photograph and blog seems to be limited, especially after spending the last school holidays away in Tasmania.

I’ll be back soon. 🙂