Sapporo Coat x 2

I don’t seem to be able to get through a winter without making a new coat. This isn’t an exceptionally warm coat, due the the drafted shorter sleeves, but I really, really love it’s versatility.

I really wanted more of a throw on layer when I made this coat, rather than a proper very cold weather garment. So I made a few short cuts – well one major one. I didn’t line either of these Sapporo Coats, they are just serged on the inside 🙂 This made construction super fast.

This first Sapporo was made with a poly wool coating from Spotlight. I had seen this fabric floating around sewing Insta and when I saw it on sale snapped it up just to make this coat. I frays like mad and it’s not super quality wool, but the colours are ace. I actually don’t mind the poly content in the fabric. It is not scratchy and I have thrown the fabric in the machine to preshrink and it came up new.

During construction of this coat, I decided to just throw it together without worrying about matching any checks or lines. Interestingly, the whole front of the garment matched up exactly. On the back one of the diagonal seams also aligned and the other is just slightly off, which now bugs me just a tad. This mostly matching fluke now makes me happy. I suspect I would have been too critical if it hadn’t matched at all and probably wouldn’t have worn the coat.

As drafted the Sappora coat is a quite long, which I really didn’t like in this fabric. It just felt like a little too much. So I chopped off a few inches and now it is the best thing to throw on. It’s one of those items that people stop you to ask about it, which I do like.

This item is wearable like the Tessuti New York Cape (mine are here and here), which I still own and often wear both. They are just a quick, throw on warm layer for not freezing days, which is mostly what we get here in Sydney.

My second Sappora hasn’t received as much wear at the first. The fabric was from Pitt Trading and it’s also a woven poly coating type fabric. I also picked this up on sale for less than $10 per meter, making this coat quite cheap also. This fabric doesn’t have the same drape as the Spotlight fabric, so wears differently.

I have kept the length as drafted, but think I may also trim this one a little so that it is boxier like the check version. As you can see I played with the stripes a little one this one, angling the pockets a little. The back is also slightly angled, though it’s hard to see in this photo.

So as you can tell, I really dig this pattern. I think I might even revisit it during spring and might make a light weight version.



  • I love both of your Sappora coats! The shorter length looks great with the eye-catching prints. They look very cozy and I’m sure you will get lots of wear out of them during winter 🙂

  • It’s a very cool pattern, love both of these!

  • I loved your checked Sappora so much I promptly jumped over to Papercuts and ordered it 🙂 I love it! Now it wasn’t QUITE as impulsive as it sounds – when the new patterns were released I considered it SERIOUSLY (and ordered 2 others which are also on their way) but thought, “OH I don’t need any more coats!” But seeing yours I could now see the potential for a sort of heavier sweater/light jacket idea that I can ALWAYS use in my wardrobe. I never realized before that you could also make it out of silk!

  • Beth_SunnyGalStudio

    those both look great, I’m thinking about making a Waffle pattern so good to see these. super cute worn with jeans for winter.

  • It’s a very cool pattern – I’m glad you shortened the wool coating version, as I was so sad to read that you found it a bit much – I thought it was fabulous! I love it even more shortened. And the second version is also love as far as I’m concerned – great match of fabric body to the pattern too.

  • Robyn Borley

    These look so good. I’ve been on the fence about purchasing from the new Papercut line (I feel like I’ve bought lots of patterns recently!) but I think you’ve just given me the nudge that I need.

  • The shorter length looks great. I love both of the fabrics you have chosen.

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  • G Don

    I love

  • G Don

    That got away from me 🙂

    I love both jackets, and they are a nice study in how fabric changes the look of a pattern. Abbey

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  • metonymist metonymist

    These are great, thanks for the pics. Am I seeing 3 different lengths? The two lengths in the checked are clear, but the burgundy/black coat looks somewhere in the middle, which I like proportion-wise. It looks the length of the coat in the company modeled photos.