Sadie Pants

At the same time that I purchased the Sadie tunic pattern by Style Arc, I also purchased the Sadie Pants.

These are simple pull on trousers, a more sporty style, best suited to a drapey woven fabric. The pattern came together easily and they fit well. I do like that Style Arc patterns seem to fit every time.

Unfortunately though, while I really want to love these pants, I just don’t think they are my style. I love skinnies and I love wide leg trousers, but the in-between style just doesn’t sit well with me.

This is a shame because I used a great drapey viscose by Bec + Bridge from The Remnant Warehouse for these trousers and I kinda wish I’d made something else.

I guess sewing ones own clothes is a journey and we continue to learn along the way. 🙂

  • katherine.peter

    Do you think you could save these by shortening them and adding an elasticated cuff? In this drapey viscose, you could then wear them more like a papercut anima or true bias hudsen woven pant.

  • Rachel King

    I think if you crop them they’ll look edgier. The fabric looks lush!

  • Rebecca Young

    Well I like them – I tend to go for trousers in the “in between style” as I am not a fan of skinnies and wide leg styles are not always practical for everyday wear