Short skirts are back.

“Are they?”

“You know, you used to look great in a mini.”

“Did !?”

Hands up if you remember that! It’s likely only Australians would. I may have said “Short skirts are back” in the lunch room at school the first time I wore this skirt and the whole room responded with the ad. Good advertising… well is it?? What was the ad for again?

Anyway, back to the skirt. I picked up a very scant remnant of this cool, green, wool blend fabric from The Fabric Store with plans to make it into a short skirt. There wasn’t much fabric to make anything else with it – all 70cms of it.

Vogue 1247 is an easy, well fitted pattern for a simple skirt like this and the pockets are handy.

Even though this is a wool fabric, and it doesn’t feel ideal agains the skin, I didn’t line the skirt. I don’t plan on wearing it without thick tights and it doesn’t stick to them either.

I really like this skirt, even though it’s green and short – both things that I’m not that keen on these day – I’ve already worn it twice just like pictured and anticipate it will get more wear this winter.

  • Beth_SunnyGalStudio

    what a great skirt – cute for autumn. I’ve made that pattern a few times and always lengthened it:)

  • Was it special K?! Nice remnant score, great skirt ;o)

  • ybennett

    You look fabulous! You’re certainly young enough and have lovely legs to wear that length. Smile, gorgeous!

  • Special K! Looking good!

  • This is hands down my favourite skirt pattern. I found that I had to add to the length. You can certainly rock a short skirt. It looks great.