Lodo Dress

I picked up this remnant of striped ponte at Pitt Trading recently and knew it would make a perfect Lodo Dress.

Naturally, with winter approaching, this isn’t the most practical make, but I was inspired and had the materials, so why not?

I love the simplicity of this dress. I love the v-neck and the extended shoulders.

As you can see, it is a true column dress. I was temped to add shaping, but resisted. I think the shape is perfect and relaxed, with the added bonus that I can eat a large meal without it showing.

I made the shorter version, but then added a band along the bottom so that the dress would extend beyond my knees.

As you can see I added a small vent to help with walking.

I really love this dress and while it won’t be worn much now, I know it will be perfect for spring.

  • Lynsey

    This dress looks amazing on, the shape is so lovely. I’m very tempted by this pattern and it’s lovely to see it works so well longer as that would be my preference (hello knobbly knees). The fabric looks fab.

  • Lovely – would you layer it over a long sleeved tee?

  • Sew, Jean Margaret

    Love the fabric and the stripe placement is perfect.

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