Denim Vest for Ollie

Every now and then I make clothes for the kids, and every now and then they let me photograph them. Ollie was desperate for some time on his iPad during the holidays and offered this photo opportunity as a bargaining tool. I happily took the bait.

After spying a denim vest on Insta, I just needed to make one for Ollie. He’s my skinny jean and grandpa hat wearing kid – tho at the moment there’s a frightening amount of soccer jerseys being worn.

I used the school boy vest pattern from here. It’s been in my stash for a number of years. It came together quite nicey, tho I didn’t add real welt pockets, just faux ones. He is a kid after all and will probably grow out of this in a blink.

I used a denim remnant from this Moss skirt for the vest. The double sided denim was from Clear It and it was marked Gorman, but it isn’t great quality. I’m actually about to throw out the skirt as it has worn and washed so poorly. I think a vest will wear better with this dodgy denim as it won’t need to be washed often, if ever… well much anyway.

Ollie helped with attaching the jean buttons and cutting the button holes – just planting a seed. Fingers crossed I can pry the soccer clothes off him at some point so that he will wear this for me. 🙂