Short skirts are back.

“Are they?”

“You know, you used to look great in a mini.”

“Did !?”

Hands up if you remember that! It’s likely only Australians would. I may have said “Short skirts are back” in the lunch room at school the first time I wore this skirt and the whole room responded with the ad. Good advertising… well is it?? What was the ad for again?

Anyway, back to the skirt. I picked up a very scant remnant of this cool, green, wool blend fabric from The Fabric Store with plans to make it into a short skirt. There wasn’t much fabric to make anything else with it – all 70cms of it.

Vogue 1247 is an easy, well fitted pattern for a simple skirt like this and the pockets are handy.

Even though this is a wool fabric, and it doesn’t feel ideal agains the skin, I didn’t line the skirt. I don’t plan on wearing it without thick tights and it doesn’t stick to them either.

I really like this skirt, even though it’s green and short – both things that I’m not that keen on these day – I’ve already worn it twice just like pictured and anticipate it will get more wear this winter.

Lodo Dress

I picked up this remnant of striped ponte at Pitt Trading recently and knew it would make a perfect Lodo Dress.

Naturally, with winter approaching, this isn’t the most practical make, but I was inspired and had the materials, so why not?

I love the simplicity of this dress. I love the v-neck and the extended shoulders.

As you can see, it is a true column dress. I was temped to add shaping, but resisted. I think the shape is perfect and relaxed, with the added bonus that I can eat a large meal without it showing.

I made the shorter version, but then added a band along the bottom so that the dress would extend beyond my knees.

As you can see I added a small vent to help with walking.

I really love this dress and while it won’t be worn much now, I know it will be perfect for spring.

‘I Spy You’ Sleeveless Top

As it happened, I managed to convince my kids to walk to Tessuti from the Australian Museum last school holidays. Why not right? The visit was possibly one of my most relaxed. The kids were a little exhausted and armed with new books which meant they were happy to sit on the lounges and read. I normally go to Tessuti on the way in to the city for our school holiday adventures and those trips are generally a stressful, whinge fest. This hasn’t got anything much to do with this garment, except that I purchased this fabric during that visit and the Tessuti staffers complimented me on my kid’s behaviour, which is always nice and probably a little too rare these days. Win, win!You know when you see a piece of fabric and you just know what you want to make. Sometimes those makes can be a little random and this was one of them. I wanted a higher neckline, sleeveless top with a placket and centre pleat. I tried to find a pattern for what I was after, but in the end fudged this together myself.

I’m really pleased with the end result. The fabric is divine – lightweight and smooth. I really love the style and have found it very easy to wear with both black and blue denim skinnies.

I don’t have too much more to say about this. It is exactly what I wanted to make and I’m happy about that. It’s not a terribly appropriate make in the weeks leading to winter, but I know it will be a well worn piece regardless. (Maybe with a skivvy underneath right Emma?)

More garments will follow shortly. I’ve been quite diligent in taking photos during my first wear of a new item. Yay me!


Denim Vest for Ollie

Every now and then I make clothes for the kids, and every now and then they let me photograph them. Ollie was desperate for some time on his iPad during the holidays and offered this photo opportunity as a bargaining tool. I happily took the bait.

After spying a denim vest on Insta, I just needed to make one for Ollie. He’s my skinny jean and grandpa hat wearing kid – tho at the moment there’s a frightening amount of soccer jerseys being worn.

I used the school boy vest pattern from here. It’s been in my stash for a number of years. It came together quite nicey, tho I didn’t add real welt pockets, just faux ones. He is a kid after all and will probably grow out of this in a blink.

I used a denim remnant from this Moss skirt for the vest. The double sided denim was from Clear It and it was marked Gorman, but it isn’t great quality. I’m actually about to throw out the skirt as it has worn and washed so poorly. I think a vest will wear better with this dodgy denim as it won’t need to be washed often, if ever… well much anyway.

Ollie helped with attaching the jean buttons and cutting the button holes – just planting a seed. Fingers crossed I can pry the soccer clothes off him at some point so that he will wear this for me. 🙂