Sadie Tunic

I’m super pleased with this Sadie Tunic from Style Arc. I purchased the pattern on a whim, not certain if it would be me, but with this simple dot viscose from Pitt Trading, it works a treat.

The pattern came together quite easily. I was extremely worried about the sleeve pattern, which you can see here on Insta, but I just followed the instructions (as you always should) and it worked.

I love the volumous sleeves and the twist along the bottom, which is hard to photograph, just adds a little more interest.

The only change I made to the pattern was to shorten the tunic to more of a longer shirt length. 
I wore this to school today and received a number of compliments, not from the kids as it’s just black and white. Clearly it is very suitable for work and perfect to hide the result of wayward paint brushes in the hands of kindergarteners. 

  • Anna

    It looks comfortable and chic! Love the polka dots.

  • Robyn Borley

    Nice! I looked at the pattern and wasn’t sure about the sleeve treatment but it looks great. Maybe another one to add to add to the wish list 🙂

  • Sew, Jean Margaret

    Love your version of this pattern. Another one on the wish list.

  • Lara sewed up this pattern on the weekend & I tried it on… it went straight to the top of my ‘to buy’ list!

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