Moss Skirt and Swing Tank

Just a quick post today.

A denim moss skirt, made longer than my previous one (circa 2013), which is officially too worn to wear most of the time.

I used a Gorman denim from Clear It in Melbourne. It has a ticking like stripe in red and blue on the underside which slightly shows from the denim side. I wish it were really awesome fabric, but after washing I found white splotchy patches on the denim side, which I just ignored. It’s better than my old Moss skirt, but not perfect. I suspect I’ll have to make another.

The swing tank was a super fast make. I purchased this light, poly, scuba-like panel print from Spotlight. It was priced at $30 pm, which is nuts for Spotty, but it was on sale and I only needed 70cm, so it worked out at about $14.

The pattern is just a variation of many swing type tank tops that I’ve made over the years. I was exceptionally lazy when cutting this one and just laid an existing tank over the fabric to cut it. For an unfitted project like this it works.

Now that I’ve worn this a couple of times – including today – I think I could have left it about a cm or two longer, but I’ll live I’m sure.