Geometric Cotton Linen Double Gauze

Sometimes fabric dictates a make. This geometric cotton linen double gauze came up on the Tessuti website just as I was purchasing my cut out lace and I knew it would make an cool summer frock.


I have made a bib front or apron front dress before here, and while I loved the shape of the frock, the fabric is just too busy for me. I’ve worn it a few times, but it will be given away.


This black linen has just the right amount of interest with the geometric pattern, but is solid, which lends itself to so much more wear.


Naturally, this frock is also midi length, which is my new fave. As the gauze is not sheer, I have not lined this dress, which means it will be very breezy when the weather finally warms up.


I’m insanely in love with this frock. The shape, the style – I just want to make all the dresses like this – and I just might make another really soon 🙂

Tessuti Cut Out Lace Competition White

This item has been finished for quite some time, but I was so caught up in my spring wardrobe that I missed blogging it. With the competition close date looming, I decided to edit my photos and post this item.


I knew that I would never wear a white dress, but I white top – well that’s my favourite wardrobe item these days.


I decided to go for a cold shoulder look, just to see if I’m cool enough to pull it off.

The consensus is: it is cool and I can wear it. I know this because kindergarten kids told me so 🙂 However, it hasn’t warmed up enough to wear it more than once…. soon though!


I started this top with a Cynthia Rowley Pattern, Simplicity 2406, but heavily modified the construction, shape, lengths, neckline, everything! It gave me a good starting point for the open shoulder look that I was going for.


To keep the finishing of the lace neat, all exposed seams are bound in 1cm binding, which produces a finished 1/4 inch finish bound edge. This edge is then turned under the garment and stitched down. This eliminates any exposed bits of lace poking through the lace holes on the finished garment. Does that make sense? There’s a pic below that I hope will help. I finish all lace edges this way, with a heavy lace like this, and it produces a nice, neat, strong result.


I’m really pleased with this top and look forward to it getting a lot of wear this summer.


In other news, it is now school holidays in NSW!!! yippeee!!!! I’m hoping to cram 2 weeks of sewing into 4 days as we are planning a little getaway. I’ve not touched my machine in over a week, after I imposed my own ban as I had some terribly boring work crap to get done and wanted to give myself an incentive to finish it.

I’m going to binge in my sewing room tomorrow!! No housework for me!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Spring Uniform for the Sprog

Even if the people around me think I have a weird sense of style, including those pesky kindy kids with their ‘clown pants’ comments, this little kiddo thinks I’m cool. I needed to write this as I’m sure one day in the not to distant future, she will no longer think I’m cool. Inevitably, the time will pass and she will be embarrassed by me 🙁


After seeing my spring uniform emerge from my sewing cave, Adele started begging for her own culottes. I searched high and low for a suitable pattern, but at the time could only find the Oliver & S pattern and I really didn’t feel like spending USD$16 on something that would likely only be used once. So I drafted my own based on a boy’s trouser pattern from an old Ottobre magazine I have.


Naturally, the day after I made these, Kelly from True Bias launched her Mini Emerson pattern, which would have been perfect to use had I of known that it was coming… Anyway, the kid is ecstatic with her new duds! Now she wants pointy shoes like me, which I’ve assured her will never, ever, ever happen!


The fabric is an indigo denim shirting that I purchase from Style Maker fabrics a few months ago (there’s a coupon for this store here if anything catches your fancy). It is a little too heavy for shirting, in my opinion, but great for this project and possibly a Colefax dress for me, if I ever make it that far along my growing list of things to make!

We went out last weekend like this – twins!


She also wants a birdy peplum top too, which is more likely to happen than those pointy shoes.


I love this kid!

Spring Uniform: New Look 6459 in Black

Not much to say about this item and not many photos. Black is just such a waste of time to photograph.
img_5884I made another pair of cropped trousers, or culottes with New Look 6459, but this time in black, because we all need healthy doses of black in our wardrobe. They are much the same as my last pair, but a little shorter. They were made with a piece of black cotton twill with no stretch from the collection. Possibly from Spotlight, circa 2009?? 🙂

I struggled to find a shorter top to wear with them, which was prior to my birdie peplum or Vicki top, so instead shortened a quite under-utilised top from my wardrobe, made from Nani Iro sateen (McCalls 7083).

img_5887I’m have really enjoyed building this mini spring, work wardrobe. It is quite a departure from my usual style, but I think it works for me. In saying that though, I think I’m done. There are only so many pairs of ‘clown pants’ that one person needs.