Wardrobe Building

Every now and then my blog posts are than exciting due to wardrobe building. Things that I make because I need them week to week, but they are in no way exciting. Here goes:

Grainline Lark tee


I picked up this textured white knit from The Remnant Warehouse last year. I love textured knit fabrics and gravitate toward them in any store. I have already made a tank top with this fabric and now have a much needed cooler weather tee to add to my wardrobe.


The Lark tee pattern is a good basic wardrobe builder, but my tee is not a straight make. My last Lark was a little snug around the shoulders, probably due to being made from ponte rather than a more stretchy tee shirt knit. To fix the fit as this knit was a more stable one, without printing and cutting a new size, I simply used the size 4 pattern I had cut, but added a 2cms to the center fold. This, in addition to removing the side body shaping has created a really nice boxy tee, which is really what I was after. This tee is perfection – great for wearing with jeans, but also perfect for work – Yay!

New Look 6145


My love affair with New Look 6145 is well documented on this blog. I think this might be version 10, at least. This is a workhorse pattern for me, just a nicely fitted boxy top to wear on any occasion.


This one is made with a poly textured knit that I purchased from Addited to Fabric during the Canberra catch up in 2014. Like my white top above, I also made a tank with this fabric, but can’t seem to find it on my blog – must have missed that one.

Hudsons in woven


I think this is my 6th pair of Hudsons by True Bias. These are just easy work pants for getting down with the kiddos. They are made with a viscose blend fabric with a little stretch, that I purchased from My Hung. It looks a little like linen, but without the creasing.

The top that you see above has become a rescued wardrobe item. It is another New Look 6145 that I made last year. As I mentioned in that post I accidentally hemmed it too short. Thankfully I found my ponte scraps in my remnant bin and was able to salvage the top by adding two bands of fabric around the hem to lengthen the top. I don’t think it looks too dodgy and appears more like an intentional design feature.

More Husons
IMG_5723Lastly, I have another pair of Hudsons. This time, they are made with a delightful ponte from Tessuti that I received from Rachel for my birthday. I almost wasteful using posh ponte for fancy track pants, but these were a much needed item. In my day job I do need to wear active wear on sports days. Fancy track pants are now the go and they are so, so warm.

Tis all for now!

Shape Shifter Midi Dress

My midi love continues!
IMG_5792I’m fairly certain you will see every frock and skirt that I’ve ever made being replaced with a midi length one this year. I just can’t show my knees any more!


For this frock I’ve used a lovely printed vicose from Pitt Trading, which is a designer remnant (you can see it in action here and here – both clearly not my style!).


I didn’t gravitate towards this print in the store, but was encouraged to purchase it and I’m glad I did. I still have a fair number of darker colours and black in my wardrobe, so it’s nice to sew with a true pop of colour from time to time.IMG_5781

For this midi dress, which isn’t unlike my previous one, I used the bodice of New Look 6869 and just added a simple dirndl skirt. I’m a big time fan of wearing belts with my fit and flare dresses, but I’m determined not to with this one. I just don’t think that bottom black band, which was part of the fabric design, will suit it. To avoid the waist belt, I fitted this dress a little more than I normally do. I’m a little sensitive with overly fitted garments on my waist, so I guess time will tell if I need to adjust it or perhaps lose a little around my waist… For winter, I’ll be rockin the dress with tights, boots and a black cardigan. Tomorrow probably!


Vintage Christian Dior Coat – Vogue 1023

I’ve made a few coats in my time, but without a doubt, this is my ultimate!


I’ve been crushing a wrap coat for years and now I have one that I love! I’m not one to use this comment often, but this is definitely a ‘woo hoo make!’


I used a vintage Vogue pattern by Christian Dior from 1974 to make this coat. I first fell in love with this pattern when Erica B made it. Even though it was stinking hot here in Australia when she first posted her make, I fell hard for the coat and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Naturally, my pattern search began: Etsy, Ebay, everywhere. Looking for alternatives to the real thing didn’t grab me. Then I finally stumbled upon a copy of Vogue 1023 on Etsy just before Christmas last year and it was in my size. It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t absurd either, so the pattern became my Christmas present. What an appropriate gift for the middle of summer!


The dark grey, marle like wool coating was a crazy purchase from Pitt Trading. Crazy in the sense that I also purchased it during summer. In fact it was over 40 degrees and I was just slipping into Pitt Trading to purchase swimwear elastic. The fact that I walked out with a significant cut of wool coating on a stinking hot day like that still makes me giggle. The things we do!

IMG_5773Now back to the coat. As you may have noticed, I have modified the pattern. As drafted the coat has quite volumous sleeves, and by that I mean each sleeve had a circumference around the cuff of well over 60cm. Now I love vintage patterns and I love vintage style, but I just couldn’t bring myself to make them. I am a smaller person and was very concerned that they would consume my frame. I knew that by staying true to the pattern would make this coat far less wearable to me. So I modified them. In this insta pic I had already reduced the sleeve volume by 6 inches, but by the end I’d slimmed them quite considerably to their current form. I may have gone a little overboard, but I like them. I’m hoping I will make this pattern again and possibly will make it with those sleeves, because I still do love the big ones.

My only other changes to the pattern was to slightly shape the back seams for a better fit and I made a belt and attached belt loops, as I didn’t have a purchased belt that I wanted to wear with this coat. I also added shoulder pads and sleeve heads, as I need a little more structure across my shoulders.
IMG_5778The top stitching on the coat adds a little interest, but also adds further stabilises the collar. While I’m talking about it, I LOVE that collar! It’s perfect for wearing with my Unicorn Stripes scarf. I barely take this scarf off during winter – love, love love!

Now the best part about this coat – it is so, so warm! The wool is super cosy and the fact that it is so long, it’s like wearing the warmest house coat out in public – secret house coat! This winter has been a little more bitey than usual. Walking around in the playground on cold, windy days for lunch duty is crazy cold and this coat feels like you are wearing a warm hug.
IMG_5758So, that’s about it. Another winter, another warm coat. I’m so super, super pleased with this make. It will definitely be in my Top 5 for the year without a shadow of a doubt! I’m sure it will come in handy again tomorrow during our anticipated cold snap in Sydney… North Americans please don’t look up our anticipated temps for tomorrow, you will laugh at what we call a cold snap in Sydney, but remember it’s cold to us 🙂

Winslow Culottes

I am testing the culottes water with Helen’s first garment pattern, the Winslow Culottes.


I’m only a newbie on the culotte bandwagon, with the purchase of these from Uniqlo, so am just finding my way. What better way to play around with a new style, than to test a new pattern?
IMG_5691This pattern came together really easily and were very straightforward to make. I think they only took a couple of hours to finish. As I am just testing the look, I dug into my stash and found this rayon or viscose crepe that I purchased from the Op Shop many moons ago. It was quite a large piece, which you need for this pattern, that leg width is quite a fabric eater.


I wanted to make the palazo pants to begin with, which are view D, as I have never worn pallazo pants or anything like it. It’s fun to play around sometimes. I’m not sure they are my style, but I might just crop them a little to midi length, as they do look a litttle like a skirt with that volume, but with the legs being separated. I think this might come in handy sitting on the floor with the kiddos at school.

I’m sure more will follow – head over to Helen’s shop to grab your copy!