Simple Black Top: Vogue 1367

Black tops, in any form, are always a welcome addition to my wardrobe.


This top was made with the now OOP Vogue 1367, a Rebecca Taylor pattern. I’ve also made up the pants recently, but need to raise the rise (ho ho) a little at the back, so they are sitting in my WIP pile.IMG_5545

This top is simple and easy to make. I used two types of black fabric; a linen off cut and the gorgeous silk fabric from this dress: Vogue 1152. While I wanted to love Vogue 1152, it was a flop. Those sleeves just weren’t me. Thankfully the skirt panels quite easily accommodated the front of back of this new top and those quite volumous sleeves were great for the front and back yoke panels.


To add a little interest, I added some copper piping to the shoulder seams on the yoke.


I really like this top. It’s quite easy to dress up or down a little for going out.

More to come!

Megan Longline Cardigan and another Tessuti Silk Scarf

With this post I have seriously messed up my blogging timeline. I still have quite a backlog of posts, but this one has jumped the queue because I LOVE it soooo much!!! Oh yes, three exclamation marks!

IMG_5660The Tessuti Megan Longline Cardigan pattern has been on my radar for a while, but with nothing suitable in my stash I had resisted purchasing it. Now that I’ve made one, I think I’ll have to go on a hunt to buy more fabric to make ALL the longline cardigans I possibly can!!


This grey wool knit fabric is the bomb and clearly made this cardigan as awesome as it is. It was also a bargain at just $10p/m. A burn test showed that it was pretty much just wool – resisting a flame and no poly residue. Hindsight tells me that I probably should have purchased more to stash.

The knit is also thick and looks like proper knitted fabric, as though on needles, not on a machine. Making it probably the most like a hand knit garment that I’ll ever make. To further stabilise the neckband and add a little interest, I used the selvage of the fabric.


I stumbled upon this fabric while out shopping on Saturday with a friend. With mild hangovers after celebrating finishing my half year reports, we decided to go fabric shopping. Not to buy anything in particular, but more to make use of a seedy day with our husbands at home, and to avoid parenting for a few hours.  At my friend’s suggestion we headed to a warehouse in Wetherill Park in SW Sydney (kinda near Cabramatta) to look over a new shipment of fabric that we had heard about from a work colleague of hers. The Shed is a really big warehouse/discount variety shop that sells lots of bits of stuff that I never really look at. It does though, sell fabric. In years past when I’d ventured there, back when I used to sell kids clothes at markets, there were always those left over bolts of fabric from Spotlight, complete with tags. These days, it’s much harder to tell where their fabric comes from. It’s a bit hit and miss. I went there last year to buy fabric for dance costumes and left with nothing, but on Saturday, I came home with quite a nice pile, though there was considerable effort in locating these fabrics.


These are my purchases from the Shed – Two pieces of lurex wool coating in two different shades at $10p/m, they look much nicer in real life. The pink/red will become a simple coat for Adele and I was planning on using the teal one for myself, but think now that I’ll save it to use for Adele in a couple of years time. A thick, dark purple ITY knit for $4p/m; a fun, thin, boat print poly knit for $4p/m and a piece of metallic t-shirt knit for $4pm.

The wool knit for my cardigan was the pick of the bunch, though it was hard to know this when purchasing it as almost all of the fabrics are unlabelled. When I got home I machine washed the fabric on a regular cycle with the rest of my fabric purchases. To shrink it, I warm tumble dried it and it came out just a beautiful as when it went in, just a lot smaller from shrinkage. Win!


There’s not much more to say about the cardigan but it is perfect. I adore the ribbed look and those mitered corners on the hem make me terribly happy. The weather is also finally getting cooler in Sydney, so I know this will be a very welcome addition to my winter wardrobe.

To round out this post I also have another silk scarf to share with you.


Again I used a Tessuti silk, but this time a remnant that my friend Rachel purchased for me for my birthday. This fabric wasn’t double sided like my last silk CDC scarf, so I doubled it over and added some fringing that I made with a poly CDC from my stash for a little interest.


I really love this scarf. It’s not as long as my last scarf, but can still be worn enough ways to easily add interest and a splash of colour to an outfit.


Tis all for now!

Note about The Shed: I’m not recommending it as an awesome place. It is hit and miss. They currently have a large shipment of poly CDC and chiffon if that’s your thing, also quite a lot of plain ITY knit. To get to The Shed you will have to drive. It is in the same general area as Cabramatta (I’m mostly saying that because most of you will know where that is) but in no way walking distance and I know nothing about public transport in the area. It’s not listed online or in any directory that I can find, but it is next door to a place called the Nineveh Club, which says its in Edensor Park, so maybe I’m wrong about the suburb. Well, good luck if you choose to go. Maybe pop into Carbra on the way home 🙂


Antalya Dress

My half year reports are now with my supervisor, so I feel like I can finally relax a little and catch up on life. I celebrated handing over my reports yesterday with a little fast sewing and have a new pair of woven Hudsons to wear this week. I then cast on an Uwland cowl with some beautiful squishy Madelintosh yarn, only to find that I knitted all of the ribbing on the wrong side needles. Oh well, frogged and ready to start again tonight.

All that aside, here today I have a new frock which I sewed up for Adele well before last school holidays. While I used to make a fair number of frocks for the girl child, she has a mind of her own these days and doesn’t wear them often enough for me to feel that it’s worth my while making them. That said, I did involve her in the decisions of this frock – though heavily guided – and she seems to like it. We’ve also had a few occasions lately where she needed a nicer frock and I didn’t feel that the knit dresses from Target were adequate.


I stumbled upon the Antalya dress on Pinterest and was drawn to it knowing that I had a piece of the exact fabric from the pattern picture in my stash. I’m not always big on design choices. Sometimes I just copy people and I’m pretty sure that is well documented on this blog.


Adele chose the constrast fuchsia piping fabric from my stash. It’s a poly, mystery remnant that I picked up from Tessuti many moons ago.

I adore the drop waist on this dress design and I like the piped lines down the front of the frock. I did make a few changes to the pattern as I did have a vision of how I wanted it to look. I omitted the exposed zipper as I hate them and instead sewed a single button and loop. I also removed the paneling on the back bodice and chose to wrap my piping around the back drop waist as I adore a drop skirt design on kiddies and wanted to highlight it.


Importantly, Adele loves the frock and has worn it quite often making it a very worthwhile make. I think I’ll make another when the weather warms up again, possibly one or two in knit fabric for her to throw on and play in.

Other less blog worthy makes from the past month or so and purely sharing for the purposes of documenting my hobby accurately on this here blog:


Tights for Adele in Hello Kitty swim panel from The Remnant Warehouse.


Kids Hudson pants for Oliver in a ponte remnant from this Lark tee, also from The Remnant Warehouse.


More spider PJs for the boys from Simplicity 5271, fabric from Clear It. If you feel like you’re having deja vu with this make, that’s because I’ve already made PJs for the boys from this fabric here. They are so well loved and are still being worn even though they are almost three years old! When I saw the same spider fabric again at Clear It when I went to Melbourne a year ago, I knew I’d get value from making them again. They boys love them and they are the preferred jarmie choice in this house.

So much unselfish sewing. Must be time to sew for myself again!