Hannah Dress by Victory Patterns

Talk about a queue jumper!!

Thankfully, my school holidays have coincided quite nicely with the release of the latest pattern offering by Victory Patterns, the Hannah dress. When this pattern first dropped I knew I had to have it. Initially, I thought I’d wait to see what other people make with it, but then that rational voice in my head was overpowered by an impulsive, sewing obsessed, crazy lady that hit ‘buy’ without even considering how she’d print that brand-spanking-new pattern baby. 

You see my printer is currently dead. So without my work printer due to school holidays, I relied on my father to print this pattern for me. Sounds easy, but here’s where I need to add a big disclaimer to my review of this pattern – my dad did not print this pattern to scale. Any reasonable person would say thanks, and then wait to make it with a pattern printed correctly. Me? I just guesstimated that I should make one size bigger and it would work… well it mostly worked.

So this pattern review will not include a review of the pattern sizing (note the length of my dress – eeek!) , although I believe it would be OK when printed to scale as the proportions seem right.


Let me say that I LOVE this dress! I love the look and I really, really, really loved making it.


This is my first time making a hidden placket and the pattern instructions were spot on. I followed them to the letter, which is rare for me and the finished result is perfect. As a result of my pattern printing issues (curse you pattern not printed to scale!!) I found the neckline a wee bit too high, so chopped a little from the front neckline before finishing so that it sits where I prefer. This is just a personal preference thing for me, not a drafting problem.


That back design just rocks!

It doesn’t happen often, but the Hannah dress construction baffled me almost to the end. When tackling a pattern with such an unusual design it is wise to read over the pattern instrutions before sewing, but even then I could not conceptualise how the dress would come together. Because of this I pretty much followed all of the instructions on the pattern (shock!!) and really enjoyed the process of making.


I think the construction of the dress is really clever and I liked that Kristiann included instructions for when to finish seams, as I really wasn’t sure how or when they would be finished.


I really love the deep pockets and the relaxed look of the dress.

The fabric I have used here is a poly, rayon, linen blend from My Hung that has a little stretch. It is extremely drapey, which I think you need with this pattern to achieve a nice look with those back folds. One note when selecting fabric for this frock, along the back neck where all those folds meet the neckline, there are 5 layers of fabric, add to that the binding for the neckline and there can be a lot of bulk to manage. My fabric is about the weight of linen and it worked, but it did need some convicing, You certainly wouldn’t want anything thicker as it would be hard to manage. I think this frock would look fab in a sandwashed silk, which is a plan of mine. A nice viscose would also work well, but my next, which will hopefully happen soon will be made from rayon.


The shaped hem is lovely, but one of my few modifications was to remove most of the high/low hem. Due to my pattern printing issues, my dress did turn out shorter than it should have. It was too short for me to wear to work, so rather than add a false hem, I chose to shorten it more and plan to wear it with skinnies or leggings to work.


I really enjoyed making this dress and already plan to make a second with some great rayon that I bought today from Tessuti. When I make my second I plan to start with a pattern printed to scale 🙂 The only change I intend to make to my second it to lengthen the skirt and remove the high/low hem, which is just a style preference for me. I love this dress and I highly recommend the pattern. I don’t often gush about a pattern, but I really love everything about this frock.

Jump on it peeps and make your own Hannah dress!

  • Jennifer R

    That looks really amazing, solid black is stunning. I was on the fence on this one, thought it looked fun to make but maybe not so wearable. But seeing yours really pushes me into the have to try camp. I was also re-evaluating based on this Mason Victor make: http://www.kollabora.com/projects/black-and-white-ivy-dress (Only slightly similar, but I don’t have access to that issue anyway and it immediately suggests possibilities for the Hannah.)

    • I hadn’t seen that other pattern before. I don’t think I could do the open back for everyday wear and really, that’s all I need to worry about. I really rate the Hannah dress. I don’t often rave about patterns but I think this one is good. 🙂

      • Jennifer R

        The open back is pretty, but really just the similar fall of the folds caught my eye. Also, opens the possibility for print and straight hem and given the magazine would be difficult to procure, I’m thrilled to see the same potential in Hannah.

  • Lizzy

    Love it. Gorgeous. Great in a solid colour!

  • Sewing Elle

    This is wonderful. I fell in love with this pattern this morning ( I am a little slow to find out about new pattern releases…). I totally understand how this one jumped the queue for you.

  • Manju

    This looks so stylish in black. Love it.

  • Carolyn Norman

    It’s an interesting dress from the front and then bam you turn around and the awesomeness happens. This looks amazing on you and I understand why you want to make another one!

  • Blogless Anna

    Fabulous dress. You’ve inspired me and I expect many others! Hannah has joined the queue… but it’s definitely a later this year make. I’m all about winter sewing now!

  • MaciNic

    Thank you for your review! I have a happily uneventfully printed A0 version and your review has helped my fabric decisions immensely 😉
    It looks great in the black, I can’t wait to get some sewing time & join you & all the Hannahs.

  • Love this pattern. That back detail is just gorgeous! Yours looks really good, given the printing issues. The fir looks spot on to me! Can’t wait to make this.

  • Such a neat shape! (And I would have done the same thing with the misprinted pages, defying all logic 😉 I like the short sassy length!

  • This is one really awesome dress… can totally see why you hit Buy NOW! Those details are fabulous!

  • This pattern is fabulous! Completely up my alley and it looks fantastic on you, scaling issues and all. I really like the hi-lo shirt-like hem on you, but I totally understand personal preference. Look forward to seeing your next version

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  • You dress turned out so well! I love it! I really like your version, even though you think it is a little too short. It really looks good on you 🙂

  • Amazing! I actually really like the shorter length. This is such a cool pattern. I love all the unusual details.

  • The moment this pattern was releazed, I immediately fell in love with it. Your version is so neat and beautiful! And the back pleat beats everything! It looks great on you!

  • So chic and especially so in the black!

  • Really, really love it!!!

  • I think the scale looks perfect! I like that it has more of a tunic feel. In plain black, all the cool design lines really sing.

  • you look amazing

  • Hillary

    Thank you for all the details! I am going to make this next. It looks great in all-black!

  • HW

    This pattern is totally kicking my butt!! Like you said, I can typically visualize the steps before doing anything – NOT so with this crazy pattern! The placket case in point sounded crazy but following the steps religiously it turned out great! HOWEVER, I am so stuck at the angled pivot point of the front pocket to the side panel. Its all bunchy and won’t lie straight! Searched high and low on the interwebz and it doesn’t seem anyone has done a tutorial or sewalong… eep, putting it down for a while until I can gather my wits!

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