In Twos: Woven Hudsons

With our summer camping trip fast approaching, I decided I should make a comfy pair of trousers to keep the mozzies away from my legs. Something casual, light and something that still looks good.


So chambray Hudsons have been made!


These are really comfy and hopefully should be cool to wear. I purchased the chambray from Joys Fabric Warehouse, which now has an online shop! Yay! I really like them. So much that I decided to make another pair with a navy, lightweight, stretch fabric from Pitt Trading.

039These will be perfect for school next year. I will be teaching kindergarten next year, which is sometimes called prep or foundation, depending on which state you live in. It’s the first year of primary school in Australia. So I’ll have about twenty 5 year olds in a big classroom with me! I anticipate lots of running around and a fair amount of sitting on the ground, so there may be less dresses being made this coming year.


More will follow…

In Twos: Swimwear

I’m about to embark on a blogging week of ‘twos’. While I haven’t been blogging much lately. I have been sewing up a storm and mostly it has been on lots of two. Right now, I have swimwear to share with you.

Both of these swimmers are based on Kwik Sew 3416, which I think is a pretty good starting point for swimmers. For these blue swimmers I made view B, with a slightly lengthened body.


While I often play around with the design of swimmers to make what a really want, this time I actually stuck to the pattern design for a change, and I’m happy with the outcome. These swimmers are made with a swimwear roll from The Remnant Warehouse and this stuff is super good and sturdy. Unfortunately, I tightened the leg elastic a little too much and they are snug, but I’ll still wear them.


With my second swimmers, I again used Kwik Sew 3416, but this time drafted my own triangle style top with straps. I reallly like this version. They are much more strappy and I think a little more commercial looking, in a good way. This dark purple/navy fabric with golden feathers was from Pitt Trading, and while it is sturdy, it does show its white base fabric when stretched fully (best not eat too much!). It is hard to photograph and looks much better looking in real life – trust me!


While sewing swimmers isn’t hard, it is a little tedious. It takes time to trial fit, and top stitching gets better with time. Mine still isn’t perfect! But when I look at the price of swimmers for women in the shops these days, I am glad I can sew. I can’t imagine spending over $150 on swimmers, especially when they are only going to wear from chlorine and sea water!


More sewing will follow and it will be in twos!

Another Kimono

I know that I sew the same thing over and over, but I just can’t help it! The whole kimono thing is really hard for me to move away from. I wear skinny pants or a trim skirt to work with a simple top, then add a kimono and BAM! “That’s fashion mum!” as Oliver says.

016I recently headed to Pitt Trading with my friend Rachel after a post-op appointment with Adele. I wasn’t looking for too much, but still managed to buy 4 pieces – it isn’t hard is it? Thankfully, two have since become finished items. This simple kimono, similar to my previous ones, was made with a small remnant of a poly/viscose fabric which I now know is a designer piece. There was only a 75cm remnant left @ 150cms wide, but I figured I could do something with it.


A short sleeved kimono was a squeeze, but as you can see it worked. The first day I wore it to school I was stopped by one of the younger and way more fashionable teachers, and was told that the fabric was by a designer called By Jonny from the Summer 2013 collection. Turns out this teacher friend also own a garment made from this exact fabric design!


I know we all sew for many reasons. Mostly I sew because I refuse to pay the $$ for the items I really want (and because I HATE shopping), but when I can make something “Wow!” for about $10, I’m going to be pretty happy with myself!

Making Better.

A few little tweaks….

A shortened hem with a little added elastic around the back waist makes this skirt infinitely more wearable.


Please excuse the smug face, I suspect that my husband was rushing this photo.

Another shortened and unshaping of a hem ensures this frock works during summer.


I haven’t re taken this photo for this post to show the hem length, so I just cropped the old photo so you can’t see much of the back tail. A little lazy? Well yes.

Removing the exposed zipper from this skirt…. well I felt that that zipper just looked a bit like a butt crack from a far. This keeps it decent for everyday wear.



Sometimes, just a few minor tweaks makes awesome, even more awesomer* Don’t throw your wadders. You never know the gem it might become with a few minor changes.

*Unlikely to be a real word. 🙂