Almost Vogue 1344

This dress isn’t quite Vogue 1344. While I love the shoulder pleats and cuffs from the pattern, I just couldn’t see that the crossed front would be practical in my day job. No kid wants to see that! Eww!


So I turned what should have been a simple, straight forward sew, into a bit of a sewing gamble. Not only did I significantly modify the front and fully change the lining with my superior drafting skills (AKA lying a pattern over fabric and guessing where to cut), but I also made this in a slinky viscose/poly knit, which is quite far from the recommended silk and light weight fabric suggestions. 020

I am quite confident sewing slinkier knits these days, but the heavier fabric proved quite challenging with the pleats as there is a terrible amount of bulk created by them. I trimmed the seams as close as I could to the seam line and then ironed a strip of fusible interfacing to them to help hold them flat.


To achieve a blouson finish to the bodice, I trimmed bodice lining a little shorter than the outer and attached the two with a little elastic to hold it evenly to my waist. I also added belt loops because I will always weat a belt with this dress.

As my fabric didn’t hold a crease, I sewed the pleats down a few inches from the shoulder and also tacked the cuffs down quite a bit. You can’t quite see them in the photos, but there are tiny bar tacks along the cuff to keep them in place. I think they look more like a design feature than a oversight on my part related to my fabric selection and possibly my choice not to interface the cuffs.

As with all of my knit dresses this is fully self lined including this skirt. I think this allows the dress to hang nicer while you wear it and it prevents the dress from sticking to your undies and showing any wobbles – again, no one wants to see that! This does add weight to a dress and makes it a little hotter to wear, which is something I keep in mind on stinking hot days, but for every other regular spring day, this dress will be great.

For a knit dress, this took quite a bit longer than usual for me to sew, but it was definitely worth it. Oh and the fabric was from Pitt Trading. It was an end of roll piece that wasn’t quite large enough for my planned Vogue 1225, so the owner gave it to me for a steal. With the pattern which was purchased on sale, this dress has cost me less than $15 which makes me love it even more!

Hope you have a great week!

Beach Cover Up

During my recent family holiday to the Gold Coast, it became quite clear that I needed a beach cover up. While I don’t have a problem with getting around in my swimmers, I do have a problem with getting sunburnt and well, I just don’t think it looks decent to have your bum up in the air while you make sandcastles with the kids. I don’t like seeing it and I don’t want to be the perpetrator.


I noticed there were a few mums wearing similar beach cover ups this holiday. So I copied them. As I’m sure you can guess, it is pretty much a big rectangle of fabric with a head hold, side seams and some shaping along the hem. No great drafting feat, but effective I think.


I purchased this cotton voile from the Fabric Store a few years ago. I think I intended to make a shirt of some kind, but never made it across the line as this dark periwinkle/blue shade just isn’t me. Thankfully, I think this is a really good use of this fabric. I added the mini pom pom trim because, well, if you can’t wear pom pom trim on a beach cover up, when can you?

I really like this item. I know it will get a lot of use this year.

023More so if we finish our pool before summer – these pool photos were taken at my parent’s house and just in case you were wondering why there has been a lack of photos in my back yard…


This is what we have now! 🙁 Fingers crossed the project moves quickly. XX


I made Adele a navy cardigan to wear with her school uniform.

(The sleeves really are the same length,
don’t know what’s going on in these photo.)

The funny thing is, we’ve now decided to change schools next year and will no longer need a navy school cardigan.


To girly it up a little, I attached some punchy red buttons from my stash.


She really loves all of the hand knitted cardigans I’ve made for her and this one is no different.


I used a Tikki knits pattern called Wallaby. I really love Tikki patterns as they are knit all in one, top down – which I find much easier to make.


The yarn is Cascade Sierra, a cotton/merino blend 10ply yarn. American bloggers were all over this stuff a few years ago making Miette cardigans when I purchased this for a steal on Ebay from someone destashing. Unfortunately only 3 skeins were available, which wasn’t quite enough to make a cardigan for myself. I’m very pleased to see this exiting my stash in the form of a finished item and clearly one that should fit Adele next year too.

Now I’m off to make her a black cardigan for her new school.

Apron Style Dress in Echino Fabric

So this dress took a lot of thought, a lot of work and a lot of speed sewing to churn through it as quickly as I did, so I could take it on holidays with me.
004Since I made my denim Vogue 1298, I’ve been totally obsessed by apron style dresses. After seeing this dress at Country Road and this one at Gorman, I was sold even more. Clearly, if there are apron style dresses at these stores then they must be fashionable and not just a weird sewing obsession of mine. Do you find that you second guess your sewing and wonder whether your concepts are on trend or not? I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Butterick 6446

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me post an 80’s back wrap dress, Butterick 6446, that I thought I could make. I would have loved to make it in a navy linen, but my current fabric diet prevents such a purchase. So I went shopping in my stash and re-found this extremely large scale print, mid weight, Echino cotton linen blend fabric.


I think I originally purchased this to make a tent style dress like the one pictured here, but thankfully after some thought, I realised this would literally look like a tent on me and possibly a little too clown like. She can pull it off, not me! So instead, I planned to make a slimmer style dress like the Gorman and Country Road ones, with the back wrap idea.


I toiled the bodice of back wrap dress and it was too big. I tried to resize and rejig the style so it sat higher on my back and allowed me to wear a proper strapless bra, but it didn’t work. Four toiles later and I threw the back wrap concept out the window and aimed for a style of dress similar to the Gorman and Country Road versions.


I’m really pleased with the style of this dress and the fit. I ended up just drafting this pretty much myself, though the skirt and the bodice tucks are pretty similar to Vogue 1298.


It took quite a lot of consideration to place the print and unfortunately I missed the birds and some of the really nice dark blue and orange sections, but this is probably the tamest way of cutting and sewing the fabric – ensuring I didn’t feel the dress was totally over the top. While this fabric is incredibly wild, I think it works and given the fabric content, it should also be cool to wear on hot muggy days like today.