Mini Southport Dress

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have already seen this dress. Adele loves it!


I purchased this awesome fabric from Darn Cheap Fabric in Melbourne while I was down there for Frocktails. They had only just shown it on Instagram and I knew I need to get to DCF just for this fabric. It is so cute!


The fabric is a little odd, but the cute factor make up for the interesting poly knit composition. It feels more like a thin scuba than a traditional knit and it doesn’t have much stretch. It’s very stable and easy to sew with, but more importantly it does not need to be ironed. Don’t you just hate ironing kids clothes? I have trouble keeping up with my own ironing, let along worrying about them looking like they are orphans.


The Mini Southport dress pattern by True Bias is a great frock pattern for little girls. No over the top frou frou. Just a simple, well fitted tank dress. Now I made this dress for Adele on the same day that I made her nighties here. I was a little over sewing for others by then, so I did take a few shortcuts with this pattern. The first is that I didn’t sew button holes. Those buttons are just stitched through the placket as she can get it over her head without undoing them. The other short cut, which also prevented a dodgy sew, was that I didn’t stitch the waist band to the skirt as drafted as I used a woven contrast for the waist band and a knit for the dress, and I wasn’t convinced it would attach neatly. Instead I slightly increased the depth of the waist band, folded it in half and inserted it into the waist seam with an opening a the front for the tie.


Adele adores this dress. She has barely taken it off since I made it for her and it goes perfectly with her new Saltwater sandals. I still have a little of this fabric left, so may even venture into a top for myself with it. Do you think I can pull off an ice-cream top??

Sway Dress

As you might be able to tell, I’ve been on an insane sewing roll this week. It’s been fun and very satisfying, even though two projects have ended up in the bin.027

This dress was started on the day of the two binned projects. I’m surprised after two failures, that I had the guts to cut into this fabric with an unknown and untested pattern. But I did, it worked and I’m quite pleased with the result.


This is the Sway dress by Papercut Patterns. I had been contemplating buying this pattern since Sonja made hers and finally found myself tipped over the edge and purchased it during their recent birthday sale. How could I resist a sale?


The pattern came together so, so quickly! It’s a really satisfying, easy beginner pattern. There’s no fitting to worry about and the trickiest thing is probably straightening the hem. I made a straight size XS and the only modification was that I cut the front and back on the fold. I don’t have a huge issue with the center front seam line, but worried about a diamonds being distorted in the process. On the fold was also faster and easier. 🙂 Surprisingly I also kept the entire length of the dress – the long version – this almost never happens. I love this dress length on me. It’s probably important to note that if you are taller than me (which is likely) 163cms, you may need to lengthen this pattern. Actually I just remembered I also left off the pockets as I thought the fabric was a little too light and they might sag.019

This fabric was one of those surprise finds from The Remnant Warehouse. I just found my post from when I purchased it over 2 years ago. It’s a polyester faille and only cost $7.95 – bargain! Even though it’s poly, it’s really drapey and quite pleasant to wear. The colours of those diamonds are probably not 100%, but I like them enough and I think this fabric really suits this type of dress. You need really good drape with this much volume in a skirt pattern.


Now the pattern boasts the ability to wear the dress either way and you can see that in these photos. I’m torn with which I like best. I’m on a v-neck thing at the moment, so perhaps that’s my favourite. 018

Well that’s the end of my sewing binge for this school holidays as I’ll be away from my sewing machine for a few days. 🙁 Which is probably for the best as I’ve now run out of zippers and even black thread! Don’t worry though, I still have some knitting to keep myself occupied while away.


While sewing is a great hobby to ensure you always have something to wear. Sometimes you need more – like accessories!

I love wearing necklaces, but I hate buying them. I’m a little tight with my money. Shopping online can be expensive and shopping in real life is painful. I just don’t like it.

So this is where a little creativity is needed. Yes – Etsy is my friend!

I started with a collection of necklace making supplies. Leather cording (neon and natural), wooden beads, polymer clay, paint and brushes. Also pictured here are some polymer beads that I made last time I made a necklace and some copper tube beads that I picked up from Spotlight on impulse, I thought these would make something good, but they were a dud. Nothing here is terribly expensive probably about $35-40 worth here, after conversion to AUD and including shipping.

Then came the making. Not everything worked out, but these two necklaces are my favourite.


The beads were from here, and I think they are quite unique. I purchased one set of small and bigger sized beads. The holes were quite small, so I jammed a darning needle into them with some pliers to make them a little larger to fit the cording. I painted one set copper and strung them on some purple waxed cotton and kept the other set natural. Both of these necklaces are on high rotation at the moment and both are adjustable in length.

016     021

With the polymer clay, which was from the $2 store, I made two large long arc beads and strung them onto the leather cording.

028   029

I’ve seen necklaces similar to these on Etsy. Not sure if mine are good, but they will probably still get worn.


Lastly, I attacked the geometric wooden beads which I’m sure you’ve seen all over Etsy and the interwebs. I strung some on the neon leather cording and painted more copper, but I’ll wait until I have some black leather cording before I string these.


So those are my wearable finished items. Naturally with three kids watching this process, it was inevitable that they ‘help’ and made some of their own.


I helped Adele with the delightful pastel polymer beaded necklace, but Oliver and James made the other two creations and paraded them around for the remainder of the day. Not too bad a result for the $$, seven wearable necklaces (once I get some black cord) and an afternoon of school holiday entertainment for the kids and I. I might even borrow the kids’ necklaces on day too! 🙂


Liberty Silk Kimono

I purchased this silk specifically to make a kimono.


After trialing a few patterns lately, I headed back to the second pattern that I made – a free pattern from Sew Caroline.


I find the boxy style works better with my existing wardrobe.


I adore this kimono. The Liberty crepe de chine, which I purchased from Shaukat and appears now to be sold out, is really soft and light. The print is called Mistral.

006While I’m here I should also mention this newish top that I also made. Like my last white tank this was made with a large ladies t-shirt that I purchased on super sale at Millers (oh yeah!) for $3.
019Again, it’s a textured white knit. I think I’m a little obsessed with textured knit fabrics at the moment!