Who’s a Clever Tinker?

I am!

After over 5 years of blogging at ‘little betty sews’ it was time to change.

I started blogging with a baby girl, who was just months old, and two wild little boys. I was a year into my Masters to become a teacher and I needed to earn a little extra cash. So in addition to getting a night job, I started sewing for money. I made kids clothes initially, which I sold at local markets, then I developed my bonnet pattern, which I made in huge quantities to sell both online and to shops. ‘Little Betty’ seemed like a good name for selling kids clothes, but now…well…???

So, times change, people change, lives change. Little Betty just ain’t me no more. So I’ve moved on. I hope you enjoy my new space, but to be honest, not much will change –  just the name 🙂

Bye, Bye Betty!

Hello Clever Tinker!

clever tinker

  • MaciNic

    Hi Clever Tinker! 😉 Love it 😉

  • Fabric Epiphanies

    My goodness you must have been busy! When my number 3 was a newborn, I started a business making and selling cloth nappies. I moved on when he turned 5 and started school and I went back out into the big wide world.

  • Hello! I get it, I do. You would know I too changed my blog name and look 2 years ago. We change, we work out what we are doing and where we are going. Nice to meet you, Tinker! Now we must arrange that catch up and playdate with our girls xxxxx

  • Sofie M

    Tinker is a great name … that must have been such a busy time!

  • SeamsOddLouise.Blogspot.com

    Cool new name, great choice.

  • love the new name 🙂

  • Ann Marshall

    Great new name, really enjoy your blog.

  • Velosewer

    I love your new space that reflects who you are. Clever!