Denim Pencil Skirt and 2 x New Look 6415

My first denim pencil skirt has been worn so often it is really starting to show it’s age. Naturally, I decided to remake it. Because I can 🙂

This time I used a stretch denim, which I hope will be a little more comfortable to wear. I also faced the skirt properly, rather than just with grosgrain ribbon, which was a massive cheat on my first skirt. 
As you can see I also only used a regular skirt length exposed zipper, rather than a feature full length one like my initial skirt. I really like the full length zipper but it isn’t always practical and after a full year of wear, is starting to look a little bumpy.
As I’m on a bit of practical wardrobe building bender (boring!), I have also made two new ponte tops to add to my work wardrobe.
I’ve made a stack of these New Look 6145 tops before. The black one replaces my first black ponte top which I made two years ago.
Fingers crossed the lining for my Frocktails dress arrives tomorrow so I can make it before school starts again. I really need an exciting project to bring me back from the land of practical… zzzzzz.

Morris in Orla Kiely

Blogging is not coming so easily at the moment. This blazer has been finished for a couple of months, I have a stack of new items to photograph and I’m only just getting to this one. I guess my lack of love for this item has delayed its post.

You see, I love Morris. I love this Orla Keily fabric (You can see Kate Middleton wearing the brown colourway of this fabric in a coat dress here). But this blazer ain’t perfect. She’s warm. She’s snuggly, but she’s saggy!!

After making this blazer, I’ve since read the detail in Jen’s Morris blazer sew along, about choosing fabrics, and can see that she has pointed out the problems with 4 way stretch fabric sagging. I guess I was a little too late in reading that, and perhaps some more interfacing on the outer would have been a good idea.
I think this is definitely salvageable though. I fully lined this blazer, as I found the Orla Kiely wool knit a little scratchy, so I plan to unpick the lining, possibly shrink the wool a little with steam or at least affix some knit interfacing and then lengthen the lining to fit. 
The key problem with this necessary fix, is motivation and time. I’m just not feeling the sewing love this school holidays. I’m really struggling to get motivated. I’ve still been playing around in my sewing room and experimenting with different things, but I’ve not felt that overwhelming drive to make things these holidays. 
I’m not sure if that’s because I really don’t need any clothes at the moment, but I am sure that I’ll be a dying to make something as soon as I don’t have the time to do it – Murphy’s law right?
I’m going to try to schedule some photography time this week so I can show you some of my more recent makes. Hopefully the weather holds for me.

Twirl To Me Dress

Many months ago, Debbie an ex Sydney-sider (I’m kinda devastated we didn’t meet in person on home soil before she left) from Lily Sage and Co put out a call for pattern testers for her first pattern, the Twirl To Me dress. Thinking Adele could do with a few new dresses (couldn’t we all) I put my hand up and whipped up this cute little number for her.

Unfortunately, because I’m not as committed to my blogging and photography life, as I am my sewing life, I am only just getting around to blogging this dress now. *Sorry Debbie!*

This dress is adorable and Adele loves it, even though it is seasonally inappropriate for her to wear it right now. I made it with enough length that it will still fit in a few months when the weather warms up again.

The dress was easy to make and the front bow is super adorable. It reminds me of Japanese patterns and styling.

Adele picked out the fabrics for this dress. The purple is a poly knit, which is too drapey for the front bodice, so I heavily interfaced it to get it to hold it’s shape. She loves the shiny finish on this fabric and the swish, so it was hard to sway her fabric choice and steer her away from it, even though it wasn’t an ideal choice. The blue is a voile which is fine, but again, I heavily interfaced the front bow to get it to hold it’s shape a little, rather than drape down and be unrecognisable as a bow.

Both of these changes work a treat and the dress looks adorable on her.

Unfortunately, once again, my poor photography skills are being displayed here on this blog, but I hope Adele’s hilarious poses give you a giggle. “She’s gunna be a su-per-model!”

For more patterns from Debbie, check out her blog and pattern store.