Morris V2 in floral sateen

Oh how I love Morris! This one is clearly a little more wild than my first, but I still love him so much!

I recently went to Spotty with a friend for a little time without the kids and happened upon this really lovely stretch sateen. It wasn’t on sale, so I hesitated in purchasing it. But I really like it and reasoned that it was still cheaper at full price than most fabric that I purchase, so I snapped up a really scant cut with Morris in mind.

When I got home I realised that my cut was so scant that I almost couldn’t make the jacket and pattern matching was definitely not an option. Just so you know, if you are clever with the placement of your pattern pieces, you can eek a Size 6 Morris out of 1.25m of fabric that is 120cm wide.

As I was a little concerned about the white underside of the fabric showing when the blazer blew open, I lined the body with some vibrant, violet stretch lining. I did this by cutting the blazer back and front in the lining fabric with a small pleat along the center back. I attached the facing to this right side of the lining to wrong side of the facing then trimmed the lining from the underside of the facing.

I then attached the facing as per the instructions, then attached the sleeves as per the instructions. The sleeve seams capture the lining and the outer to hold it in place. I’m really pleased with this finish. It looks professional on the inside with no seams visible and I haven’t lost any stretch.

Clearly I also added length to the sleeves again and you might not be able to see, but I cut the jacket back on the fold, just to really squeeze as much from this piece of fabric as I could.

More blazers will definitely follow. And more posts, I’m really struggling with my backlog of finished items to blog. I’ve spent a few moments today photographing a bunch of finished items and plan to bombard you with posts this week to catch up.

Happy Mothers day to all the mums too!!