Meet Morris. I love him. I love him so much, I’ll probably make another Morris friend for him to hang out with. Possibly this weekend. If I get to a fabric store. Which means I probably won’t do much housework this weekend. I probably won’t cook any good meals either. But Morris will have a friend and that’s what’s important right?

Clearly I jumped on the Morris bandwagon pretty quickly. I’m sure many more sewers will follow and with good reason.

I was determined to make Morris over the weekend (while I was able to enjoy some guilt free birthday sewing and my husband attended to house duties), but without the option to head to a fabric store to find some super awesome fabric, I settled on this black stretch woven  fabric from the stash. I think I purchased it from The Remnant Warehouse and it was cheap, but it is a nice weight which is why I purchased it in the first place.

I really love the simplicity of the Morris blazer. It’s exactly what I need to fill a wardrobe gap. I’ve been wearing the same Cotton On ponte blazer during winter for a few years now and it looks sad. Too sad to allow it to continue to take up valueable real estate in my bedroom.

Morris came together really quickly and I only stumbled when constructing the facing. I just didn’t understand the instructions and image to show how to sew the collar facing to the hem facing. But really, it was nothing that a little seam ripping wouldn’t fix. To achieve a better fit, I shaved a little width off the shoulders and also lengthened the sleeves to full length as it’s just more practical for me right now.

I wish my photos were a little better, but it started to rain during my first photo attempt, then raced to snap some pics before work on Monday.

Fingers crossed I make it to a fabric store this weekend. Has anyone seen any nice ponte anywhere recently? Something vibrant I think. Preferably in Sydney. Thanks!!

Hudson x 2

This weekend I enjoyed a lovely birthday weekend, spent with friends, family and quite a bit of sewing time.

In addition to making my first Morris blazer (which I tried to photograph today in the rain, but the photos are not good at all), today I made a pair of True Bias Hudson pants, which I love so much that I very quickly made a second.

The first pair was made with a piece of dark grey marle ponte that has been maturing in my stash for quite a few years.

The second, which I shortened and slightly widened the leg below the knee, was made with a piece of polo type knit that I inherited from a friend’s mother, along with a considerable amount of 80’s coral and turquoise knit and a stack of knit binding.

I really love these pants and look forward to make more in the near future. They really are such an fast and easy project.

I was particularly spoilt for my birthday and scored a lovely stash of Madelintosh Unicorn Tails skiens and a super awesome IlCentimetro bracelet. I’m feeling totally loved and ready for another big week of school.

Have a great week!

Bubble Dress

Another finished project from the recent school holidays – a simple knit dress for Adele.

This project was a crude hack from the outset. I half traced an existing dress and half copied a vintage pattern that I pulled from my cupboard.

The bodice is self lined for a little warmth and the skirt is a double, bubble layer of fabric. The fabric is a light poly viscose knit from The Remnant Warehouse. It’s just a little too wild for me.

The kid is happy.

PS: The Morris has landed and jumped to the front of the queue.

PJs for the boys

Or as we call them in our house – jarmies.

James and I picked out these two flannelette prints from Spotlight during their summer holidays 30% off sale. As these holidays rolled around and Spotlight announced they were having another 30% off sale, I thought it best to sew up my last purchases before buying any more fabric.

I don’t sew often for the boys, but they are always grateful for the items I do make for them. The jersey shorts and simple pull on pants that I’ve made for them in the past are in high rotation and still fit, just.

I had to practically drag them outside to take photos of these jarmies. We started with the standard line up photos, before I suggested the trampoline. Clearly the trampoline is more fun!

As you can see our trampoline is a little more old fashioned than the ones you get these days with nets around them. Ours had a net which disintegrated over time, so we removed it and the kids seem to play on it more now. It’s like we have a new toy in the backyard. No accidents yet either *touch wood*.

While I had a bunch of borrowed Ottobre magazines to trace a pattern for these jarmies, I ended up buying one on sale from Spotlight. I purchased Simplicity 5271 so that I could avoid tracing and just cut the pattern size I need. For the few dollars I paid for the pattern, it was worth it.

I cut both boys the Size 6-8 pattern. James’ is shortened and Oliver’s is at pattern length. As these patterns have a fair amount of ease, it didn’t matter that the front and back of the raglan top had no stretch. The sleeves are made from fleece from my stash, which I received at some point from one of my mothers quilting friends, along with a fair amount of binding in various colours. All from their 80’s tracksuit sewing career no doubt.

Naturally the boys are really pleased with their pjs. I’m certain they will last a couple of years as I left deep hems on the pants for when they have a growth spurt.