Kokka sateen two ways

I feel like my blogging has been a little strained these holidays. I’ve been sewing like a mad woman, but struggling to get motivated to put on make up and photograph my finished items. I managed to photograph a few items today, so hopefully some more activity on the blog front will happen.

I purchased this fabric last year with the intention to make a more playful and vibrant tank. It’s a delightfully smooth sateen by Kokka, that I purchased from Miss Matatabi. You can see a different colourway here.

 Now I have it and I’m happy.

This is my own pattern which I have made numerous times before. There isn’t much more to say about it, but I like it. I think I may retire this pattern for a while now. There are only so many tanks that you need in your wardrobe.

Now, rather than stash the remnant back into my over stuffed basket of scraps, I made them into a dress for Adele.

She was a little disappointed with this dress initially – not pink enough – but now has worn it a few times, so I guess it’s OK.

I used a vintage drop waist dress pattern which I have used before here, but it appears she is a little too tall for the size 4 pattern and it isn’t much of a drop waist.

Perhaps we’ll both wear these together on our trip to Mr Maker at the Opera House tomorrow?

  • I don't know that you need to retire your tank pattern just yet – wait till winter! Love this fabric, and both your top and your daughter's dress look summery and lovely without being too girly.

  • Your first line had me laughing! My idea of makeup is clean and cream, run a brush through my hair 🙂 But I do the routine for pics, because it makes such a difference, and like you, I kind of dread it.

    What a cute fabric! Little bit is darling…

  • Gorgeous both! I love that tank pattern. Corin would be sooooo jealous if I told him you were seeing Mr Maker. Kids love him.

  • The colours in that tank are amazing! Why haven't I heard of Miss Matatabi before??? I've now bookmarked the link to her shop. Her shop is crammed with gorgeous fabrics. Tanks are such a quick and satisfying make for time-poor people so I can completely understand why your collection is still growing. Adele's dress in gorgeous.

  • Oh really? It's not often that the Japanese designers release sateen or dobby cotton, but when I find them, I often get them. They are really nice. I"m not a big fan of double gauze though, which is most of her shop. The linen cotton is also good. I used it here http://littlebettydesigns.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/polka-dot-arrows-camber-dress.html

  • Thanks! She is wearing it now. So I'm happy with that.

  • Ha ha! I have blonde eyelashes – take my photo without make up and I look like I have no eyes. lol!

  • Yeah, I think you are right. We'll see though. There is so much on my 'to sew' list right now. I'm planning on heading to The Fabric Store today. Might find a gem on sale!!

  • love them both! am also very jealous you are going to mr maker, i found out about it too late and there were no tickets left. enjoy.

  • Your tank pattern looks like a Summer 'must have'. You both look great.

  • Can we please have a photo of you two matching? Both are gorgeous. I think I need that fabric…

  • I love this fabric! Both the top and the dress are gorgeous.

  • The fabric store has a sale on! I don't think I needed to hear that! I do like your tank top and your daughters dress. Sometimes simple looks the best and with that fabric the styles you have chosen really work.

  • Both look amazing! Great work! Perfect for Mr Maker 😉