It’s done!

The 2015 school year has begun and this kiddo has started kindergarten!

She’s so ready. She breezed through her first day and I’m sure we’ll see her take off in the coming few weeks.

The boys are back too and I think they’ll be fine. It’s just school right?

Naturally, I am back at school too and this year, I’m working full time. I’ve been working part time since finishing university, but think that working full time will put me in a better position to get a permanent job, if anything suitable ever crops up. I’m really pleased my school has been supportive of me and I’m really excited about my additional work day and all the challenges it will bring, but I suspect it will negatively impact my sewing output 🙁

The third major change to hit our house this year – yes, even though January isn’t over yet! –  is that my husband has made a massive career change. He has been a plumber since he finished school and has been bored senseless for years. He is now heading into an office role, designing plumbing and hydraulics for large developments and buildings. While this may not sound significant, he has been in an active, labour intensive role for years and now will sit in front of a computer, wear office clothes, and only work 5 days (only the wife of a tradie who works every Saturday will understand my excitement at having a husband at home to help with Saturday sport).

Naturally, these big changes in our lives bring much excitement and a huge amount of anxiety and stress. Finger crossed we make it to the end of term 1 in one piece! And hopefully I’ll still be able to sew a little to keep my sanity. Although with my back log of sewing projects to share, I think blogging is my current problem, not sewing 🙂

  • Good luck with all your life changes! Hope the adjustment period is smooth and easy as can be. Adele looks so cute! Is that a school uniform? If so, it's really adorable!

  • Adele looks very pleased with herself at being one of the big kids! She looks so cute in her uniform. Two of mine return to school on Monday and the last begins Uni at the end of Feb. I hope all goes well with your changes. I have pledged to hire a housekeeper the day I have to work full time.

  • Exciting changes all round! Good luck. Hope you can still squeeze in some sewing.

  • Yes that is her school uniform. Thanks for the well wishes. I just need to get through the next month or two without going bonkers! BTW – I adore your faux fur coat! so lush!

  • I also hope to get a house cleaner. Just need to wait for a few things to settle down… fingers crossed!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • What a fun uniform! Where I grew up you don't wear a uniform to public school, but I always wished I did! Thank you so much- it's really fun to wear!

  • Yay, how exciting; I'll bet Adele loves school! Good luck with fitting in your sewing and blogging with working full time, I guess it'll take a bit of time to work out how to fit it in? My son just changed schools, which means early starts for me to get him to buses and trains on time – and that means no more late nights sewing, so I'll be trying to work out where to fit it in too… I hope your husband really enjoys the new job AND his new Saturday responsibilities 🙂

  • What an exciting year for you all – good luck 🙂

  • Wow! Kindergarten. Do you sometimes wonder where the years go? We decided to keep our M back a year (she's a May baby) and know it's the right decision for her and us, but this week has been a bit sad. So many of her friends are off the school and I can see her weekdays with mummy will be a little bit more lonely. It's hard not to second guess your decisions. And congrats on the work front for you and hubby. Sounds like a great, if challenging year for you all x

  • Good luck in the mornings to fit in the new transport schedule. I"m lucky that my kids' school and my school are both super close to home. Perhaps we'll both experience a slight decline in our sewing time this year 🙁

  • "Exciting" is a much nicer word than I've been using 🙂 Thanks for your kind words!

  • CONGRATS and good luck with work – for both of you! I can't believe Adele is starting school! Time is flying by! I'm sure she'll love it!

  • We held our May baby back this year too! It's so hard when they are on the border! Enjoy your time together 🙂

  • As a teacher, it's the best decision you could make – holding back a May baby. Adele is a November baby, so there's no holding her back in any way.

  • Adele looks so cute! And it sounds like very exciting times at your house. I hope you find your new routine soon.

  • Awww, kindergarten! How exciting! My LO is growing up so fast I feel like she will be at school with me before I know it. Big changes for you all. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.