Sonja Dress

I’ve been feeling the need to make a less practical garments lately. Something I don’t need. Something not specifically for work. Something that isn’t a basic. Something for me. So naturally I made a summer frock!

I do love dresses and this will is suitable for work, even though I didn’t make it for that.

I used the free Salme Sonja Dress pattern, which is available from Burda. This pattern has the higher neckline and cut away sleeves that seems to be popular at the moment.

I made a few changes to the pattern during construction, just so this dress would suit my own style. These changes included reducing the cut away at the front and back to avoid showing my bra straps, adding a second bust dart as the first was too low and I couldn’t be bothered unpicking it, grading the waist, reducing the volume of the skirt (as I forgot to cut them with seam allowance), playing with the pleating on the skirt (choosing a deep pleat on the front and back, rather than 4 box pleats) and adding pockets.

I took three photo looking at the camera and all three are out of focus. 
I think I should take this as a sign. Maybe next time the lens will crack…

I’m really pleased with  how this dress turned out. I adore the fabric too. It is a stretch cotton sateen from Spotty. I love it so much that I purchased it even though I was on a stash diet. There are quite a few nice stretch sateens at Spotty these days. This one has a floral stripe running from selvage to selvage in white, pink, yellow, violet and orange on a base of deep navy. I love the white across the hem and I’m hoping the more navy stripe makes me look like I have more of a waist :). The stretch also makes this comfortable to wear.

I have so much more to show you. I’ve been sewing up a storm lately and have a number of makes to show!

I hope you have a good week!

  • What a great dress…and although you didn't intend for it to be practical it's great that you can wear it for work. And how good as Spottie been lately? I'm super impressed.

  • It's lovely. I do love a navy floral. Such a great combination with this dress. You look fab!

  • So so gorgeous. I agree that the fabric placement of the darker navy along the waist is a fantastic choice, does define that area really well.

  • I love everything about this dress – cutaway shoulders, cotton sateen, border print effect, floral – please send it to me 🙂 so pretty.

  • Wow!! This dress iĆŒ beautifull 🙂 i likenyour shoes to.

  • Thanks – I think it would suit you!

  • I know, Spotty has been dangerously good. I've been avoiding it to save my $$ 🙂

  • Perfect little summer frock! I have seen so many bloggers with fab fabric from Spotlight – I am studiously avoiding until I finally get a chance to work into my current stash.

  • What a lovely dress. I love the cutaway sleeves and high neck and the slight fullness of the skirt. The fabric is perfect!

  • Such a cute summer dress! I would have purchased that fabric if I were on a stash diet too 🙂
    I've made this pattern before and though it frustrated me with changes to make it fit, I love it for the summer. I hope you get lots of wear out of it!

  • Beautiful. You used the print so well. I bought one of the sateens recently, foolishly only got 1.5m thinking I'd do a skirt and now I want a dress. Checked 3 spotties but none of my sateen there! – hoping I can eke something like this out of it ;o)

  • I love this fabric and dress combo! I definitely don't think that sateen print is at my local Spotty or I'd have absolutely snapped it up. Very nice!

  • what a lovely dress!

  • I love the fabric and the style is so flattering on you. Great pattern placement,

  • Love, love, love.

  • This is so pretty! I love the fabric you used- perfect! This post made me do a double take as Sonja is my real name and I so rarely see it in print, especially with that spelling. 🙂

  • I named a dress after you! lol!! It's a good pattern for a freebie. You totally need to make one now.

  • Thanks 🙂 But nothing as good as that Liberty fleece – geez lady, I'm gunna snatch it off your clothesline!

  • I did make a lot of changes for fitting, but I guess it's OK when it's a free pattern. It bugs me when I pay premium for a pattern and it fits poorly

  • My stash never goes backwards…. and I don't have the determination to make it! I'm sure your stash is very cool though.

  • Hi Christy

    I stumbled across your blog today and I'm so glad I did, your dresses are beautiful.

    I have just started to teach myself to sew but have not attempted clothes yet.

    Michelle :o)

  • You are getting such great fabrics from Spotlight – I need to get back there! I love this dress on you, and that altered cutaway shape looks spot on. I need to check out that free pattern too!