Confetti Dress!

I love this dress so much I finished the hem last night, photographed it this morning before school (how did I manage to find the time??!) and wore it today. I received many compliments, which always feels nice. And now I’m blogging about this dress even though it will mess up the order of items to blog – you know blogging in the same order that you finish. I know I’m not the only one.

I purchased this poly knit fabric from Spotty a few months ago. Like my previous Spotty fabric dress, I purchased this even though I was on a stash diet. I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m not terribly good at diets of any kind. I think the range of poly knits at Spotty is getting better. Mel made a Mabel dress in a different print that I’ve contemplated getting before too.

I really wanted this to be a work friendly dress and not too dressy. The print is also kinda wild and bright, so I was very mindful of not over working the design.

As I didn’t have a pattern in my stash that suited my vision, I mashed a little of Vogue 1351 with a little guesstimatingfree cutting…. pattern drafting to make this dress.

The skirt and bodice back are from Vogue 1351. The front is drafted by me 🙂 and the tie is just a strip of fabric cut from selvage to selvage sewn into the seam along the back.

The higher, fitted neckline ensures this dress is super work friendly. No gaping issues if I lean forward, which has been my issue with Vogue 1351. The skirt has a perfect amount of swish and the tie gives a little waist definition without a formal belt. As this fabric can be a little clingy and because I wanted a clean finish around the bodice, I fully self lined the dress. This prevents any VPL and make the dress very smooth and silky to wear.

Taking photos in the morning was incredibly tricky. They were either way too bright or a little too shaded. 
I’m certainly not a very good photographer, so this photo is here to show how vibrant the print is.

To keep the dress casual, I cut the bodice lining a little shorter to create a slight blousing effect on the outer bodice. It ended up being more subtle than I intended, but I like it all the same.

I’m totally in love with this dress. I don’t have any other suitable knits in my stash right now, but I’m pretty sure there will be a repeat of this in the future.

  • I feel like I always just say something like this but WOW this is gorgeous!

  • very cute dress and hey that is such a good idea to use the V1351, I will have to swipe your idea 🙂

  • A lovely dress in a great print! I can't go past a knit dress!

  • I love this dress! So colourful!

  • That was very clever making the bodice lining a little shorter that the top. Great dress!

  • Love the fabric and perfect dress design. I agree Spotlight has had some ok poly knits this year – hopefully they continue to get better!

  • Great dress! Looks very comfortable and the fabric is lovely.

  • Very nice. It is a great shape on you.

  • The print is fantastic! And fully self lined? Awesome. I can see why you love it so much.

  • I love this dress too – that fabric is just too cool, the colours really suit you, and well done for drafting a shape that works for work!

  • This fabric is AMAZING and I love the dress pattern! Spottie is doing itself so proud at the moment. I know you're on a fabric diet BUT Spottie in Castle Hill has a pile of great knits (unlike Lidcombe was has been decimated by knit fiends like myself).

  • This is a great dress Christy. I like that it also ticks all your boxes. And yes, blogging out of order… I'm guilty too!