Alice Top

There have been so many lovey Alice tops floating around the interwebs lately, like Rachel’s and Lisa’s – How could I resist??

Mine was made with a very nice remnant of Tessuti cotton voile that I won from Ernest, I mean, Emma from Ernest Flagg. This stuff is way more vibrant in real life and buttery soft to touch.

The Alice pattern came together without many hassles and only made petite adjustments as I find Tessuti patterns are a little too long for me. As I’m an incredibly cocky sewer, I didn’t read the instructions and missed the information related to the 1/2 inch seam allowance and I think there might have been 1/4 inch on the sleeves – whoops! This has slightly changed the look, but it still works.

To give a clean finish and to prevent me from changing my over locking thread and stop worry about which thread would match this very colourful fabric, I frenched all seams and hand stitched the facings.

I love this top. It is light and summery and there will be more of these in the future. Thanks Emma for sending this lovely fabric my way. I’m not sure I would have picked it in store, as it is really wild and bright and I absolutely love it!


Making basics is not a highlight of my sewing time, but it is a necessity.

Just a few basic knit tanks, both the same high neck, cut away sleeve look. 
Both are made with textured knits – the black from the Remnant Warehouse which was purchased during one of their recent sales and the white was re purposed from rather large, size 20 top from a cheapy shop. It only cost a few dollars for the top and it saved me a trip to a real fabric store.
I like the black top in particular and am quite chuffed that it looks almost identical to this top at Sussan which costs $70! Especially as the fabric for both tops cost less than $8. To speed up the construction, I simply turned the neck and arms under and cover stitched them. This finish, once you get the hang of it, is not dis similar to other commercially manufacturer garments and geez it’s quick!
I have also made myself a rash t-shirt. 
This came in handy over the weekend during our family camping trip. It’s much easier to body surf or boogie board without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.
Not much longer till school holidays!

Confetti Dress!

I love this dress so much I finished the hem last night, photographed it this morning before school (how did I manage to find the time??!) and wore it today. I received many compliments, which always feels nice. And now I’m blogging about this dress even though it will mess up the order of items to blog – you know blogging in the same order that you finish. I know I’m not the only one.

I purchased this poly knit fabric from Spotty a few months ago. Like my previous Spotty fabric dress, I purchased this even though I was on a stash diet. I guess it’s pretty clear that I’m not terribly good at diets of any kind. I think the range of poly knits at Spotty is getting better. Mel made a Mabel dress in a different print that I’ve contemplated getting before too.

I really wanted this to be a work friendly dress and not too dressy. The print is also kinda wild and bright, so I was very mindful of not over working the design.

As I didn’t have a pattern in my stash that suited my vision, I mashed a little of Vogue 1351 with a little guesstimatingfree cutting…. pattern drafting to make this dress.

The skirt and bodice back are from Vogue 1351. The front is drafted by me 🙂 and the tie is just a strip of fabric cut from selvage to selvage sewn into the seam along the back.

The higher, fitted neckline ensures this dress is super work friendly. No gaping issues if I lean forward, which has been my issue with Vogue 1351. The skirt has a perfect amount of swish and the tie gives a little waist definition without a formal belt. As this fabric can be a little clingy and because I wanted a clean finish around the bodice, I fully self lined the dress. This prevents any VPL and make the dress very smooth and silky to wear.

Taking photos in the morning was incredibly tricky. They were either way too bright or a little too shaded. 
I’m certainly not a very good photographer, so this photo is here to show how vibrant the print is.

To keep the dress casual, I cut the bodice lining a little shorter to create a slight blousing effect on the outer bodice. It ended up being more subtle than I intended, but I like it all the same.

I’m totally in love with this dress. I don’t have any other suitable knits in my stash right now, but I’m pretty sure there will be a repeat of this in the future.

Sonja Dress

I’ve been feeling the need to make a less practical garments lately. Something I don’t need. Something not specifically for work. Something that isn’t a basic. Something for me. So naturally I made a summer frock!

I do love dresses and this will is suitable for work, even though I didn’t make it for that.

I used the free Salme Sonja Dress pattern, which is available from Burda. This pattern has the higher neckline and cut away sleeves that seems to be popular at the moment.

I made a few changes to the pattern during construction, just so this dress would suit my own style. These changes included reducing the cut away at the front and back to avoid showing my bra straps, adding a second bust dart as the first was too low and I couldn’t be bothered unpicking it, grading the waist, reducing the volume of the skirt (as I forgot to cut them with seam allowance), playing with the pleating on the skirt (choosing a deep pleat on the front and back, rather than 4 box pleats) and adding pockets.

I took three photo looking at the camera and all three are out of focus. 
I think I should take this as a sign. Maybe next time the lens will crack…

I’m really pleased with  how this dress turned out. I adore the fabric too. It is a stretch cotton sateen from Spotty. I love it so much that I purchased it even though I was on a stash diet. There are quite a few nice stretch sateens at Spotty these days. This one has a floral stripe running from selvage to selvage in white, pink, yellow, violet and orange on a base of deep navy. I love the white across the hem and I’m hoping the more navy stripe makes me look like I have more of a waist :). The stretch also makes this comfortable to wear.

I have so much more to show you. I’ve been sewing up a storm lately and have a number of makes to show!

I hope you have a good week!