She’s 5!

Adele told me this morning that there were no more little kids in our house anymore, because now she’s a big girl. She’s still my little baby though 🙂 

Every year I have tried to make her a special dress for her birthday, like here. But this year I’ve been a little pressed for time. I’m not sure I’m going to get any more time soon either 🙁 So on Monday night I quickly made this simple dress for her. At least there is a little Liberty in it!
I traced an existing singlet of hers, sewed it up and then attached a simple gathered skirt with trim.
She really likes the dress and insisted on wearing it for the rest of the evening. Even to eat her special dinner, tacos. Yes the dress has taco slop down the front…. As you can see, or perhaps you can’t, she also received some Frozen dolls for her birthday. 
I also made her a new skirt. Adele has been begging for me to make her a skirt like mine, not gathered, but more tight. Naturally little girls and tight skirts don’t mix, so I made this one more little girl friendly.
To start with it’s made of ponte, a remnant from this top, and to prevent indecent wardrobe failures, I attached  little shorts to the inside.
While she loves the dress, I’m pretty sure she loves the skirt more and wants to wear it tomorrow to her kindergarten orientation. She’s so ready for school!

Pink Flamingos!

Another new top with made positively adorable, pink flamingoey fabric!

I couldn’t help but pose for these pics with my own plastic garden flamingos.
This cotton voile was purchased from The Fabric Store during the school holidays. This was one of my very restrained purchases that Oliver and James insisted I buy. How could I say no?
I’m really happy with this top and it fits well in my wardrobe. When I’m not wearing dresses, I’m wearing looser tops with skinnies or a slim skirt.

I received many compliments at school when I wore this, from both teachers and students.

As with my last high cut tank, this is my own pattern. This time I used a contrast pink viscose fabric for the back yoke. Love it!

I still have another tank in this style planned and intend to use this awesome Japanese cotton sateen from Miss Matatabi –  yum!


On the weekend (geez that sounds like a primary school recount writing starter!) I attended a workshop at Shibori in Sydney with the Spoolettes. I don’t often attend creative or sewing workshops, as it’s just a little too hard to organise babysitters on the weekend, but this was one I really wanted to attend.

The workshop certainly didn’t disappoint.  Pepa and Karen taught us the basics of a few different shibori techniques, then supported us as we dyed away.

While we were supplied a few pieces of fabric to experiment with, we were also allowed to dye our own. Susan kindly offered to purchase us fabric for us and I’m pretty sure most of us took her up on that offer. Here Lizzy and I are wrangling our silk and trying to fold neat, straight concertina folds. Why not use the best when learning right?

Thankfully both of our pieces worked out. My silk piece is the front of the line with the triangle block design.

By the time we finished the workshop, we has a whole clothesline full of pieces and many that were draped across chairs and tables to dry.

Hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll see some finished garments from these unique pieces. Thanks again to Susan for coordinating the day. As I’m not a big photo taker, I’ve also borrowed one of her photos and a few of Melanie’s. Check out Susan’s blog for more pics.

Kwik Sew Swimmers for Adele

On the last week of the holidays I took the boys into the city to watch the 26th Story Treehouse at the Opera House. One of the many advantages of going on an adventure with just two older boys, rather than with two older boys and a temperamental 4 year old, is that you can negotiate with them. One treat for one fabric shop and a treat and some pocket money for two fabric shops. I managed to squeeze in a visit to both The Fabric Store and Tessuti!

As I don’t really need much at the moment to enhance my stash, I was quite restrained. One thing I couldn’t turn down though, was a 1m remnant of this swim lycra.

I’ve not had a lot of luck this year with swimwear sewing, which I’ll share later, so decided to start again with something simple and make Adele a new cosi.

She adores the tulle skirt and only twirls when she wears it, including during swimming lessons. I wasn’t sure how the tulle would fare in the water, but it is fine. I sticks to her, but poofs back up when it’s dry.

The pattern I used is a vintage Kwik Sew pattern, 6573, that I picked up from the Op Shop many moons ago. It doesn’t even have an envelop. Someone has torn the page from the Kwik Sew catalogue and taped it up to hold the pattern.

I made Adele a size 4 and the length is fine, but it is a little wide. After my mammoth journey last year to make nice swimmers for myself, I was quite surprised at how easy and enjoyable this was to make. I suspect Adele will have a matching rash shirt shortly.
Now the sad start to my own swimwear sewing this summer is that I ruined a delightful remnant of swim fabric that was gifted to me by Kirsty. I could cry!
I thought if I used the same pattern as my last suit I would be fine. I thought if I trialed adding piping and it worked, I would be fine. I thought I was very safely and carefully utilising this remnant, but I was wrong. I just couldn’t fight the bulk that the flat piping added to the seams, even when I top stitched them down. I’m hoping I can salvage this fabric and perhaps make a colour blocked swimsuit. Hopefully!