BIG Home Projects

While I am enjoying my Winter holiday break with the kids, relaxing, doing school work and trying to sew, we are also planning quite a significant home renovation. It has kinda crept up on us. We were always planning to undertake a large kitchen, laundry room, back room renovation at some point, but then cabinets started falling from the kitchen walls, appliances started breaking and our builder friends were available to do work, so we moved the renovation forward a year and will shortly begin.

It has been all consuming deciding the directions that we head with this reno. Not only are we thinking about kitchen cabinet styles, splash back tiles, bench tops, appliances and all the other fun stuff in the kitchen, but we have also had a number of discussions about steel beams, footings and supporting the very structural wall that we want to knock down. I have been re assured by the builder and my very handy husband, that we can take the wall out without the upstairs bedroom ending up in the kitchen, but am still doubtful I’ll get the slick, seamless flow that I want.

While I won’t bore you too much with the details, I thought I’d share a few inspiration pics that have led us during the planning phase.

1. Artwork from here. We have a delightful flock of black cockatoos that moved to the bush land behind my home about a year ago. Whenever we hear their cries, we still all run outside to see them gliding around in the sky. I adore this print and may even buy another. 2. Pendant lights for over the breakfast bar. I’m still not certain this will be the one. I have a few on Pinterest that could work – feel free to offer suggestions :). 3. Taps are so expensive! This one if from Abey. 4. Breakfast bar stools, these are way cheap from Ikea. 5. I already own this Kitchen Aid. I just need to find a home for it in my new kitchen. It may no longer live on the bench top. 6. I’m planning some open shelves to show off some vintage treasures from Nan’s house. 7. I love white cabinetry. 8. Stone bench tops from Caesar Stone. This is called Clam Shell. 9. The Cypress Pine flooring will be added to the back room and refinished throughout the house. 10. Modern ‘cube/matrix’ tiles for the back splash from Skheme. 11. Shutters to hide from our neighbours. 12. Sleek cabinetry with hidden pulls.

As I’m sure you can imagine, a significant part of my house will be out of action for the duration of the renovation, including access to my sewing room πŸ™ I am planning a few slower makes that require hand stitching to maintain my creative outlet, but my output is likely to slow considerably.

I’m not sure how long this renovation will take, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will take about twice as long as my husband says.

I’ll be back shortly with a few makes from the holidays so far.

  • Oh, I somehow hope the kitchenaid gets to stay on display. With the bit of yellow in the cocky print it really sings. I love some bright accents in a white/timber/neutral kitchen space.

  • Hi Helen! I was wondering where you had gone to. I have been following you on Pinterest. I'll spend some time tonight catching up on your posts. I love reading and watching renovations. Good luck!!

  • My husband and I have been procrastinating over our own reno – we really don't want to go there, but we have to soon. Good luck with yours!

  • As I sit here my husband is cutting timber and hammering bits in on our renovated house that was supposed to have been finished FIVE years ago, so yes add some more time and double it to your project plan! We got a Caesarstone bench top from Quantam Quartz on Fairford Rd in Padstow, they were really well priced and installed it rather quickly

  • Exciting times!! We are about a month off starting. In the process of contracts, re-mortgaging, finalising plans, etc. You and I have similar tastes. Check out my pinterest board, my personal one. I gave them to the architect and they went from there and chose everything. Recent big decisions for me involved Caesarstone Frosty Carrina (Clamshell was 2nd choice), laminex in charcoal and white (natural finish), Colorbond in Basalt, walls in Dulux natural white, Tretford carpets in damson grey. It took me forever to make these decisions!! The finishing touch for me will be the new 700L fridge and floor length linen curtains. Can't wait!!

  • I forgot! The pendant lights I chose might work for you. They go over our breakfast bar. Here's the specs…

    193mm diameter x 330mm high β€˜Jura C’ pendant light (PD1 on the

    drawings) by About Space (tel: 9417 4635). Finish to be black with

    white interior and yellow overbraid fabric cord.

  • Good Luck! and have fun, exciting to be able to design your own home.

  • I've looked at the Quantam Quartz and they assure me they are getting a similar stone to the one I like. They are much much cheaper than Caesar Stone and preferred by my stone mason. I know renovations never end, but sometimes the big things need to be addressed.

  • Oh I love these lights too. I might have to trawl through that site too. I'm excited by the renovation, but still feel it's very rushed. I'm also getting a 700L fridge with ice/eater – the kids will go nuts!! I might have to check out your stone too πŸ™‚

  • Good luck with the renovations, Christy! These things always take longer than the hubby says πŸ˜‰ Here's to having your sewing room (and house) back in action as soon as reasonably possible, I'm sure it will be worth it!

  • Exciting! Good luck

  • Good luck! Hope you get some slow hand-stitching makes lined up. And perhaps you could store your machines at a mate's house to have sewing days as Leith is doing with me….?!

  • That is very exciting, and I love the inspiration pictures you've shared. Good luck with it all!

  • I think you're on to something with the machine storage. I have a very good friend up the road that may be of use during this time…thanks