Elle and Scout

When I haven’t blogged for a week, you know things are hectic around here. It’s assignment time for my husband, report time for me and the kids are tired and cranky. On top of that we went away last weekend, I haven’t sewn in over two weeks and I don’t even feel like it. I’m just tired. I’m hoping once my reports are finalised my sewjo will return.

While I don’t feel much like blogging either, I do have a few makes to document on the blog. These aren’t terribly exciting, but they are still good day to day items.

I feel like I’m one of the last people to make the Style Arc Elle pants. They are good and they fit well.

The fabric is a stretch gaberdine from Style Arc. This fabric is expensive, but I had some money stashed away in Paypal and thought, why not? The fabric is very nice to work with. It has great stretch and recovery, and is flattering. My only gripe with this fabric is that the stretch runs along the fabric, not from selvage to selvage. I normally use only a meter of fabric for trousers, but struggled to fit these into just one meter due to the way the stretch ran.
For my next pair I might raise the back rise as they do slip down when I’m reading on the floor with kids at school. But really, I’m not sure how many pairs I will make. They are a little boring and I don’t feel like I have enough tops to wear with them.

I also made a Scout tee with a cotton poplin from Spotty. I have used this fabric before here to make a Grainline tank. I love this tank! It is probably my most highly worn item ever and I kicked myself that I didn’t buy more of the fabric to make a replacement when it was available. Months past and I forgot about this fabric.Then one day, while waltzing around the sale section at Spotty I spied it and pounced. I purchased the remainder of the roll – just over 2 meters for a few dollars.

As it’s a little cooler around here, I thought a tee would work better than a tank. I really like this pattern, but modified it slightly by raising and widening the neckline.

I still have a small piece of this fabric to remake the tank version in summer if I need.

Overall I’m happy with these wardrobe additions, but they are boring. Maybe I need to coax my sewjo back by making something really fun, like a frock.

Fingers crossed I find some time to tidy my sewing room this weekend.

Pattern: Style Arc Elle pant = $12
Farbic: 1m Bengaline from Style Arc = $18
Elastic from stash
Total: $30

Pattern: Grainline Scout tee = $6.50
Fabric: 1.5m poplin from Spotty = $3
Thread from stash
Total: $9.50

Perri Pullover for Adele… that she hates!

Can you tell?

 She really didn’t want to wear it for these photos.

 It’s a bit big and it also hasn’t been terribly cold in Sydney yet, which doesn’t help.

The fabric is a double sided, quilted knit from The Fabric Store. Adele found the remnant rolled up at the Sydney store earlier this year and proceeded to walk around the shop with it on her arm, pretending to be a robot. For $11 it allowed me to shop with my mum, while she entertained herself.

 Thankfully a few tickles managed to lighten the mood.

Hopefully she’ll wear it at some point this winter.

Pattern from here.

Spring clean regrets :(

I’m not much of a hoarder. I love a good spring clean and enthusiastically throw pass on hand-me-downs to friends, nephews and nieces. Like many of you, passing on RTW is easy, but my handmade items are a little harder to let go.

Last year though, I did partake in a massive cull of my own wardrobe. I offered a number of hand made items to a friend and the rest went into the Vinnies clothing bin. I haven’t regretted much of that clean up. Most garments were earlier makes that didn’t suit my style or weren’t made well. I even found one of my dresses for sale in my local vinnnes for $7!!

Clearly, fashion and personal style change, but sometimes particular styles come around again and you realise you can wear certain items that have been lurking in the back of your wardrobe. It’s at these times you kick yourself for getting rid of things.

On a recent trip to Gorman, I spied a really cool, inky navy corduroy skirt and realised it was remarkably similar to my Sewaholic crescent. I’ve ventured deep in the back of my wardrobe and pried it from a rusty old skirt hanger. It hasn’t been worn for at least two years. I’m going to trim the hem a little, take in the volume and wear it with black tights and gold boots. What an easy wardrobe addition for this winter!

At Gorman, I also noticed a bunch of wide colourful check garments like this and this and immediately thought of my blanket tova, which was also made in 2011.

While I’m not in love with the sack-like style of this dress. I think it would make an awesome top to wear with jeans or even my denim pencil skirt and boots. Unfortunately, I’ve searched and searched for this dress and can’t find it anywhere!!  I think I may have thrown it out with my last cull and I’m devastated! I can’t imagine what I was thinking!

I’m feeling a little sad about losing my Tova dress. I may have to buy some more fabric to make myself feel better. I may even go to my local Vinnies just to check it’s not hanging on a rack, but I’m not terribly hopefully I’ll find it. 🙁

Tell me, have you ever had Spring cleaning regrets or do you hoard for fear of losing something that may one day be awesome again?

Boy Sewing

Every now and then the boys need to feel the love from my sewing room.

Simple pants from comfy stretch fabric are perfect for lounging inside on cooler days.

The fabric was a random purchase from LandOfOh on Etsy. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I purchased it, but it’s clearly not for me.

I made both Ollie and James matching pants from just 1m of fabric. It was a squeeze. I made both the same size from a self drafted pattern as the boys clothes are often interchanged. On James the look big. On Ollie they fit well.

Unfortunately I could only get James to pose for the photos and doesn’t he look cool here?!