Vogue 1387 V2: Liberty Ornithology!

You know me, once I love something, I make it again and again. I’m so happy with my first Vogue 1387 shirt, that I had to crank out another.

 This time in a luurvely Liberty print called Ornithology.

My love affair for Liberty is well documented on this blog and Liberty shirts feature heavily in my weekly wardrobe. This Ornithology print however, is a little wild and I struggled for well over a year to decide what to make with it.

Don’t you just love that about having a stash. You can buy something you love even though you have no vision for it. Eventually something happens to spark that idea and you can move forward to create something you love.

I still feel this is still a bit of a crazy shirt but seriously, if I can’t wear a crazy bird shirt when teaching young kids, when can I?

I made a straight size 10 again, but this time shortened the sleeves by an inch and they are perfect. Like last time I omitted and bias insert and cut two yoke facings, one with Liberty and the other with a scrap of voile to ensure the facing didn’t show through. Next time I make this I will remove a tiny amount of ease from the sleeve cap. They didn’t slip in as nicely as last time.

I’m not sure when my next shirt will be made though. I feel like I have quite enough really nice shirts and don’t want to find myself looking preppy all the time.

Happy Monday and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

Pattern: Vogue 1387, used before = Free
Fabric: 1.4m Liberty Ornithology from Shaukat inc part shipping = $41
Thread and interfacing from stash
Facing voile salvaged from recycled garment = Free
Snaps from Nan’s stash – why did she have so many??
Total: $ 41

  • Perfect match of pattern style and fabric – bet the kids love it!

  • I love your crazy bird shirt 🙂 perfect use of the fabric.

  • That liberty is lovely! Not too wild at all.

  • Wow, this is gorgeous! I love it! The print is so awesome!

  • I really like the bird fabric. It is crazy but subdued at the same time. I really have to try this pattern.

  • The fabric is stunning, so gorgeous. It looks utterly fab as a button up shirt too!

  • We love this top you made! Soooo cute. Would you mind if we posted a photo or two on our Vogue Patterns Facebook page?

  • Beautiful shirt, beautiful fit, beautiful fabric! Nicely done Christy!

  • This certainly is another beautiful Liberty print shirt. #drool.

  • Lovely unique shirt. Love the bird print.

  • Perfect use for a difficult to place fabric – looks gorgeous 🙂

  • What fabulous fabric, very cool shirt.

  • This looks great! Perfect way to use up a lovely print.

  • Wow amazing shirt. The fabric is to die for!

  • Hi McCalls Patterns. Feel free to post on Facebook. I don't have a blog facebook page though 🙂 Cheers

  • Thank you!

  • You totally should try it! Go on – go get it!

  • Thank you, but I think your latest geometric print dress has the most awesome print!

  • Love this shirt. The pattern looks like a winner!

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