Vogue 1387 V2: Liberty Ornithology!

You know me, once I love something, I make it again and again. I’m so happy with my first Vogue 1387 shirt, that I had to crank out another.

 This time in a luurvely Liberty print called Ornithology.

My love affair for Liberty is well documented on this blog and Liberty shirts feature heavily in my weekly wardrobe. This Ornithology print however, is a little wild and I struggled for well over a year to decide what to make with it.

Don’t you just love that about having a stash. You can buy something you love even though you have no vision for it. Eventually something happens to spark that idea and you can move forward to create something you love.

I still feel this is still a bit of a crazy shirt but seriously, if I can’t wear a crazy bird shirt when teaching young kids, when can I?

I made a straight size 10 again, but this time shortened the sleeves by an inch and they are perfect. Like last time I omitted and bias insert and cut two yoke facings, one with Liberty and the other with a scrap of voile to ensure the facing didn’t show through. Next time I make this I will remove a tiny amount of ease from the sleeve cap. They didn’t slip in as nicely as last time.

I’m not sure when my next shirt will be made though. I feel like I have quite enough really nice shirts and don’t want to find myself looking preppy all the time.

Happy Monday and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

Pattern: Vogue 1387, used before = Free
Fabric: 1.4m Liberty Ornithology from Shaukat inc part shipping = $41
Thread and interfacing from stash
Facing voile salvaged from recycled garment = Free
Snaps from Nan’s stash – why did she have so many??
Total: $ 41

A Burda Blouse, a Birthday and a Giveaway! CLOSED

So it was my birthday yesterday. I’m not a big birthday person, but I had planned a rather large 35th birthday party for tonight to compensate from my crappy 30th, where I found myself unexpectedly pregnant and the designated driver for my own wild party – worst night ever!!

Unfortunately though, kiddie sickness has foiled my great plans and the party has now been cancelled. While I am a bit bummed, I’m kinda glad that I don’t have to clean my house or cater for the 50 or so people that were going to come. I’ve also gone on an online spending spree to help ease my disappointment and I do feel better.

The school holidays in NSW are almost over and I haven’t posted many finished garments, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sewing them. My sister from Toronto has been here with my two nephews, so we’ve been away with them and I have spent a fair amount of time sewing for her, which I will post about shortly.

I have managed a few items for myself though. Including this new Burda wrap blouse 04/2014 #115 in Liberty!

My sister introduced me to this Liberty print which is called English Field. While I did look briefly at this print when the Liberty Spring 2014 collection was released, it didn’t grab me as a print to snap up. It is often hard to understand the scale of Liberty prints online as often only small swatches of the fabric are photographed for web stores. It wasn’t until my sister pointed me towards this top at Anthropologie, that I realised that I needed this print! My sister snapped her piece up from Shaukat, but by the time I’d realised I wanted some, it was sold out, so this piece is from The Workroom in Toronto and I believe this was the end of bolt, so they now have none too.  

I was planning on trying to copy the Anthropologie blouse, but really couldn’t be bothered drafting a nicely fitted drop shoulder blouse. This wrap blouse is an easy alternative. It’s a classic boxy shape, but still has a small twist with the wrap front to add a little interest.

The pattern came together without a hitch. The only change I made was to add a wedge to the centre back as the top was a little tight around the back.

I love the boxy style of this shirt. It looks awesome with skinny jeans and I’m planning on making a denim pencil skirt, like the Anthro picture, which should also look good.

Now if you’ve made it this far, I guess you are wondering about the giveaway. It’s been a while since I’ve held one here on my blog and I don’t think I have anything in my stash that I’m willing to give up. I’m kinda greedy like that. So instead, to celebrate my birthday I’m going to offer an indie pattern of the winners choice from the Australian  indie pattern web store Sew Squirrel. Sarah runs this store from home with her new little baby and I’ve always been happy with her range and speedy delivery. Check out her pattern range here –  perhaps you like the new Colette or Named patterns or one of those hot By Hand London ones – so many to choose from!
To enter and help me celebrate my birthday pity party, simply comment and tell me your crappiest birthday story. I think birthday celebrations for me are doomed, but hopefully I’ll get a good giggle from the entries!

Edited to add: I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday at 8:30pm Sydney time. So this is fair, I will pick at random (I think that keeps it fair). So please share your funny story! 
Giveaway closed – thanks! 
Pattern: Burda wrap blouse 04/2014 #115 = $5.99
Fabric: Liberty English Field in mustard, from sister = Free
Thread from stash
Total: $5.99

Sew Dolly Clackett! Simplicity 2591

What’s that you say? Roisin is getting hitched! Woo hoo! Lets Dolly Clackettafy our wardrobe!

Do we need an excuse to make a new swishy frock??

Looking back at my recent wardrobe additions, it appears swishy frocks have been in short supply. So I had to jump on board the Sew Dolly Clackett bandwagon.

This new frock was made with Simplicity 2591. An awesome, swishy, pocketty dress that many peeps have contacted me in the past to buy from me. Unfortunately, I think this pattern is quite unique and worthy of keeping, so keep it I have!

I love the fit, which is pretty much straight from the envelop, the bias side panels and the super deep pockets. Why haven’t I made more of these??

The fabric is a quilting cotton, one of Dolly’s favourite fabric choices. This one is by Dear Stellar, called Garden Party and it has a lovely lakeside image with Autumn coloured leaves, gold fish, birds and cranes. Clearly it pairs perfectly with my red wedges and belt!

Congratulations Dolly and Nick! I’m heading over to the Flickr group to peep at what everyone else has been making, you should too!

Pattern: Simplicity 2591, used before = FREE
Fabric: 2 yards Dear Stellar Garden Party, inc free shipping: $24
Zipper: $2
Thread from stash
Total: $26

Vogue 1387: Classic White Shirt!

Oh how I wish I could tell you that this shirt was an enjoyable make! Unfortunately, it was not. I struggled for a whole day to make this as neatly and precisely as I could. The downside to making a classic white shirt is that any sewing or construction fault is quite visible. Despite the effort and time that went in to this shirt, which normally makes me hate a garment, I LOVE this and it looks AWESOME!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this shirt, I’ll share some photos. All of these had to be darkened significantly to show detail. I normally struggle to photograph black garments and it appears photographing white is equally difficult.

I made a straight size 10, my usual Vogue size, and only made a few changes to the pattern. The first was that I lopped about 2 or 3 inches from the hem of the shirt. This meant that I messed with the shirt construction order as you are asked to hem the shirt before joining the sides or even the shoulders. As I am not as tall as a model, this order doesn’t work for me. So when I was able to sew the side seams I only sewed and finished a few inches below the armpit and left the hems and sides to finish once the shirt was complete.

The other major change was to the front yoke. It’s hard to see in any photo of this shirt and even the line drawing, but below the curved yoke there is a bias strip insert, which is attached between the front tucks and the yoke. What a nightmare it was to figure that out!! I scratched my head for well over an hour, trying to decipher the pattern instructions to get this. I read and re read the instructions but it just didn’t make sense. When I finally figured out how it went, I hated that it didn’t look neat enough. My fabric is sheer and white so everything shows!

To remedy this and ensure a super crisp finished, I removed the bias strip and front yoke, and instead cut two yoke facings and used them for both the front yoke and facing. Does that make sense?? I hope so.

If I ever make this shirt again, I will cut two yoke facings, rather than use the bias strip insert. I don’t think the design needs an additional seam line above the pleats. There’s enough going on with this design that it’s not needed.

I also sewed tower plackets for the first time ever and I’m really pleased with the finish.

The collar and front button band went on without a hitch and I followed the instructions, using snaps sewn with a decorative cross showing and love the finish.

I was worried about the amount of ease built into the pattern, but I’m glad that I stuck with my standard size 10. The shoulders fit perfectly and the neckline sits very flat. The only fitting issue that I’ll fix next time is to shorten the sleeves a little.

Once I’d finished this shirt, I didn’t think that I’d ever make this pattern again, but now I’ve worn it out I think I’m changing my mind. I have some Liberty Ornithology that I have lying around in my stash and you can never have enough Liberty shirts right?

Pattern: Vogue 1387 inc part shipping:  $11.50
Fabric: 2 m silk cotton voile from The Fabric Store on sale: $26.40
Thread and interfacing from stash
Snaps from Nan’s stash
Total: $37.90