Milly Silk Twill Camber

I don’t really need more dresses, but of course that didn’t stop me making another!

We enjoyed a BIG night out this weekend – no kids all night, dancing, a few wines. We don’t get out much these days, so it felt like a good excuse to make a new dress. 
I purchased this silk twill from Emma One Sock with money that I was allocated for Christmas. You know, not a gift, as no one in my house really buys me gifts, but money I gave myself for Christmas. I know I’m not the only one that enjoys this deal for birthdays and Christmas…
The silk is lovely, lovely, lovely and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super stressed cutting in to it.

As my first Camber is so awesome, I knew it would be a good pattern to avoid breaking up the print on this silk. The French darts fit so well and I made sure I didn’t stuff up the shoulders this time. 
Unfortunately it wasn’t an easy make. I don’t often sew with silk, let alone slippery silk twill, so this did prove a challenge. I sewed French seams, very carefully set the sleeves and tried my best with the hem, but the dress isn’t perfect. 
My only change from the pattern was to shorten the frock and to fully line the dress, so that I can wear it without worrying about it sticking to tights in Winter. To line the dress, I cut a dress outer and lining exactly the same. Separately sewed darts and shoulder seams, interfaced the neck, then sewed the lining and outer together at the neck and turned it right side out, flipping the lining to the inside. From then I sewed the side seams separately, then set the sleeves, treating the outer and lining as one. Does that make sense?? I hope so.
Despite the lack of perfection, I do love this dress. I felt quite appropriately dressed for the party and very comfortable. I can certainly see myself wearing this out to dinner with the hubby as I won’t have to worry about eating too much!
Pattern: Merchant & Mills Camber, Used before/traced from friend = Free
Fabric: 1.5 yards Milly silk twill from Emma One Sock inc part shipping = $60! Yikes! I still have a big remnant and at least it’s cheaper than a real Milly dress.
Lining: Rayon Lining from The Remnant Warehouse = $6.95
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $66.95. 
  • Gorgeous dress, love the colours and a great way to construct it!

  • Super use of the fabric and the length is perfect!

  • So pretty! Love the fabric and style on you. Perfect all over.

  • That fabric is phenomenal and you've made a stunning dress out of it.

  • It's a beautiful dress and honestly so worth the cost of the fabric and the memories. As MasterCard would say, "priceless"

  • Fun fabric, perfect dress!!

  • lovely

  • Gorgeous dress! The pattern is perfect for the print of the pattern.

  • Yowza! I really love that fabric. And it is perfect for the Camber. I'm going to make another one soon – what do you think about it with elbow length sleeves?

  • I adore that fabric! Christy, it's just a lovely dress and I bet you felt like a million bucks. I might have to hit you up for some hints on sewing with silk twill. I still haven't cut into mine from The Fabric Store, which means Victory Pattern's Roxanne still does not reside in my wardrobe. Silk fear!!

  • Thanks, this is the dress I was aiming to make for the weekend. I'll have that pattern in the post to you this weekend.:)

  • I think 3/4 sleeves would look nice – I so love these sack like shift dresses, but am worried about having a wardrobe full of them.

  • Oh, it's so nerve wracking isn't it? Especially when you know you can't get any more. Sometimes you just have to cut and sew and hope for the best!

  • Ha ha! Yes, thanks 'priceless'!

  • The Roxanne looks a little tricky too. Good luck with that and I can appreciate your anxiety! I have no hints, other than working slow, trying to be as gentle as possible and minimise your handling of the fabric.

  • I've made the Camber twice with elbow length sleeves and I love the look of the longer sleeve. I added 5" to the pattern where indicated.

  • Just beautiful. I think I might have to get this pattern and start wearing dresses

  • I can't see any imperfections, just a very cool dress in lovely fabric. I can see it being just as awesome in winter with some dark tights too, so really it's good value despite the cost of the fabric!

  • Looks just perfect from here!

  • Love the fabric and pattern sounds like a great night!

  • That fabric is so beautiful! It made up into a wonderful dress. And it's always nice to have a fancier dress that is still comfortable too 🙂

  • Beautiful fabric. It really suits the style you have chosen…lovely!

  • The dress looks wonderful, and yay for date nights. I really like how you add up the cost of the make on your posts — although you said the fabric was pricey, overall – when you add it all up, it's a pretty cheap dress (compared to the stores that is).

  • Just beautiful, and it looks so flattering on you!

  • Really pretty dress and you look gorgeous in it. EOS fabric can be pricey, but usually it is worth it.

  • I love that dress beautiful

  • When is the next sewing social on? Thanks

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