Colette Anise and Burda Mash Up

Because making one pattern isn’t challenging enough, I made two together. That’s the way I roll my friends!

I am quite in love with this new jacket even though the amount of work that went into it was a little ridiculous!


Speaking of ridiculous, it was 34 degrees with insane humidity when I snapped these photos today. Crazy!! I even put on jeans and enclosed shoes to complete the look.

Then added a scarf for more wintery theming! Needless to say, this was a very brief photo shoot!


Back to the jacket. While I like the Colette Anise pattern, I really don’t like peter pan collars on me. I do however, adore the collar from Burda 09/2009 # 127.

I’ve been dreaming about and planning this jacket since February last year. I then proceeded to make it, but found I was extremely unhappy with the fit and design of shoulders and the fabric had far too much brown in it, so it’s still in my UFO pile waiting for attention.

While I was bummed about the Burda jacket not working the first time, I’m super chuffed with its style mixed with the structure and design of the Colette Anise.

I’m really pleased with the finish on this jacket and I attribute that to the fantastic instructions in both the Colette Anise pattern and the Anise Companion. I made a straight size 2 with no adjustments for fit, which was very surprising. Next time I may take a little width out of the back, but maybe not. As I hadn’t purchased buttons before making my jacket, and because my fabric can fray and unravel, I chose to machine my buttons holes. I also omitted the welt pockets because I don’t think I need them.


Naturally the main change to the Anise was drafting a new collar and jacket front similar to the Burda jacket. To do this, I used the back of the Anise collar pattern piece to the front notches, then drafted the shape of the ends from the Burda collar. The jacket fronts were re-drafted by laying the Burda pattern over top. Of course I muslined the pattern and tweaked the collar and jacket front further before cutting my wool. I also drafted to under collar to allow for turn of cloth.


I purchased this fabric back in August 2012 when I went to Melbourne for a wee catch up with the sewing folk there. I bought 1.8m for $30 from Rathdowne Remnants. It has a lovely weight and isn’t too itchy on my skin, which normally doesn’t mix well with most wool fabric. Rather than underlining the jacket with muslin, I interfaced all pattern pieces to add stability. The jacket is lined with a remnant of poly charmuese, which feels nice to wear. It would be nice to use silk next time, but this will suffice.

I’m am seriously happy with this jacket. I have attempted to make winter jackets before, but this by far is my best made, fitted and styled wool jacket ever! Now all I need is the temperature to drop a little 🙂

Pattern: Colette Anise & Companion. Gift from friend = Free
Pattern: Burda 09/2009 # 127. Used before = Free
Fabric: 1.8 m wool on sale from Rathdown Remnants = $30
Lining: 1.5m charmuese remnant from stash, but say $10
Interfacing: $15
Shoulder pads: $3
Thread: from stash
Total: $58

More girl sewing

While I work on finishing my winter jacket, I’ll share some of my smaller projects that have been stuck in a blogging back log. Today I have some more girl sewing, starting with another Sunki for Adele.


I adore this dress pattern and thankfully Adele does too. I made a size 5 this time and again used a remnant gifted to me by Rachel – linen blend I think.

The contrast purple side panels are a poplin from deep in my stash and I used a skirt length invisible zipper at the back, purchased from the Op Shop, only because it was all I had.

Next, we have new day care dresses for Adele and her bestie, Elva.

The girls designed these dresses with me a few weeks ago when Elva came over for a play date.

I used a simple, self-drafted kimono t-shirt block and extended it to a dress length, then added a contrast neckband and pockets.

Both fabrics are from The Remnant Warehouse and are stable cotton knits. The girls love them and I do too. Aren’t they just adorable together?

Even more adorable though, is Elva’s little sister Audrey. She’s quite an adventurous little one, but she’s so exceptionally cute while she pushes those boundaries that you can’t help but laugh!

Hope you’re having a great weekend – not much sewing happening here 🙁 but that’s OK

Work in progress

I’ve been enjoying some slow sewing this past week. I’m sure you’ve noticed that fast sewing is my normal order of business and I do like fast, but this has been a pleasant change.

Assisted by an extra day off school last week due to a sick kid (Adele and her crappy tonsils!), I managed to get a cracking start to what is looking like its going to be my first successful winter jacket.

Talk about out of season sewing! My husband thinks I’m totally nuts, but at least I’ll be ready when it does eventually gets cold. I need to find some buttons and finish the hem, but then it will be done.

Even though my first jacket isn’t quite finished, I can’t help but plan my next. I still have my Tessuti jacquard waiting for a good pattern. I quite like the look of Burda Raglan Jacket 06/2013 #123. What do you think?

I also purchased some Tory Burch wool coating from The Fabric Store during their recent sale. It’s a lovely deep teal/peacock colour, which isn’t represented well in this photo. Again I don’t know what to make with it, but I like Burda A Line 60s Jacket 02/2014 #132. I think it will look cute with skinnies. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions?

And because three jackets clearly isn’t enough when you live in Australia, I also have plans to make a French jacket with this lovely wool silk boucle from Emma One Sock. I think I may also purchase The Couture Cardigan Jacket to help me with this make or ask for it for my birthday. Can anyone tell me if it’s a helpful resource?

Lastly, I may have also received a new pattern in the post today. I can’t wait to crack it open to make a new shirt with this very delish cotton silk which is also from The Fabric Store

Clearly I have big plans. Ones that involve a lot of time, but for now I really need to focus on programming and planning for school. Fun!

Happy Monday!

Girl’s Flouncy Dress Burda 12/2011 #144

Adele saw me flicking through Pinterest the other day and demanded I make her this dress. Considering I already had the Burda magazine that it is in, how could I say no?

I made this up on Sunday afternoon while my husband was outside pottering around the garden, the boys were watching TV and Adele was watching my back while I sewed, asking a zillion questions and offering to help.

It’s quite cute how interested she is in sewing. She loves to sort buttons in my sewing room and often pulls pieces of fabric out of my stash saying they were messy. She re folds them even messier and exclaims how gorgeous each of them would be if made into dress for her. Did I mention that she cut out a picture of a sewing machine and stuck it onto her Christmas list last year? Her daycare teachers thought it was hilarious.

I love that my kids know that you don’t have to go to the shops to get new clothes. Clothes can get made, picked up from the Op Shop or repurposed from existing garments. I’m glad also that I don’t need to drag them to the shops every time someone needs a costume or shorts or dress.

Back to this dress, I made it with a piece of lovely weighted rayon? jersey from The Remnant Warehouse. I purchased it for me, but really I don’t wear many knit tees and knew I could afford to give it to the girl. I made the smallest size and took it in a little along the side seams as it is rather generously proportioned. She picked out the button herself. The only change I would make for future versions is the cut the back facing for the button slit longer so it can be serged into the waist seam to keep it down.

Happy girl!