It has been a smashing summer!

Or shall I say a ‘stashing’ summer!!

There has been a little fabric shopping this summer holidays. Possibly more than I usually do, but I don’t do it often. I have been contemplating going on a stash diet this year. At least until I can fit my fabric back into my cupboard, but then I read this post and this comment really struck a chord with me:

“There’s nothing more miserable than being blessed by the urge to sew  only to discover that you haven’t got object X, right there to support the process.”

It is only through maintaining my stash – notions and all, that my sewing hobby can exist. I hate shopping, especially when I often have to take my kids, so binging when I can helps. With summer holidays now over, it is unlikely that my stash will grow further for a little while.

School goes back tomorrow and I am happy. I would love an extra week off, but my kids need to go back to school. I have a backlog of sewing projects to share – hopefully soon.

  • I'd be happy to get my hands on that stash! I recognise a few gems in there. 😉

  • I've also considered the stash busting thing, but it seems too hard – I suspect it would make the sewing hobby a lot less joyful. A few years back when I was starting out I had barely any fabric and it was definitely limiting when the late night urge to sew took me.

    Your purchases look really enticing – if you change your mind and decide you don't want a stash I'll be more than happy to help you clear it!

  • So much great stuff there. I agree it is ideal to have fabric available to you when you want to sew, but I think the fabric has to be thoughtfully purchased with a garment in mind. I have a few pieces in my stash that I bought because I liked the fabric and now have no idea what to use them for.

  • Yes I read that too and I also read one that reflected that no one questions other hobbies needing their 'stash' of stuff and having too many nails, or art supplies etc. That was the one that got to me. Having said that I am cataloguing my stash and I have way too much! You really do a lot of sewing so no need for guilt!

  • I say do whatever makes you happy. One of the reasons I sew is that I can save money doing it myself. Hand in hand with the "saving money" bit is the fact I don't have much spare! That's the only reason my stash is so paltry. I honestly generally buy with a specific project in mind. Don't you just wanna sew that stuff up though? I seriously can't wait to get into my fabrics normally (my last post might negate that though).

  • Oooh, I've got a draft post that looks very similar to this one. What are you going to do with the stretchy lace? I got my hands on some of that as well at Tessuti on Saturday. Much like you my usual stash is only a couple of pieces so I usually binge a bit when in Sydney (minus my scraps bins which are ginormous).

  • Nice purchases! I have a reasonably large stash (about 220 lineal meters) and I love having so many options on hand. Once it becomes too hard to see it all, though, it becomes a burden. Happy sewing!

  • Is that a bit of Liberty print in your stash? They all look worth making up.

  • Lovely additions that will give you so many options for sewing. It's nice to be able to pick something from the stash and sew without having to make a trip to the shops 🙂