Ikea Moss Skirt

I said I wanted to make this. So I did. That’s the way I roll my friends.

I have been coveting black spotty moss skirt ever since I saw Jens way back here. However, to go to Ikea to purchase a small amount of fabric, inevitably ends up being a big trip to Ikea to buy storage baskets, straws, an egg flipper, salad bowl, wine glasses, cushion inserts, napkins, etc. I’m not the only one right??

Last week, with nothing planned and no ute to transport bikes for a ride, I suggested a short trip to Ikea under the pretense that Adele needed a new nightlight and side table. Naturally the kids were all for it. They love Smaland.

I slipped the fabric into our bag in no time and we were out in an hour with not too much damage to our bank balance.

To ensure some sense of balance in this skirt, I took some time cutting the fabric to ensure the dots line up. I did a great job at the front.

But was a little off on the back curved seam. I purchased a meter of fabric and with this fussy cutting, was left with just scraps and pieced waistband.

While I could have simply lengthened the skirt to ensure it was work friendly, I really like the bottom band and decided to play up the dots a little with it.

This is a straight size 4 Moss and probably my best constructed one to date. I used a slide at the waist to streamline the waistband closure. I’m really happy with this skirt. I also purchased some fabric markers from Ikea, just incase I felt like shading a few dots, but I think I’ll leave it for now.

I have so much more to show you! I’m on such a sewing roll now. So typical considering this is the last day of school holidays!!

Pattern: Moss skirt, used before = Free
Fabric: 1m Ikea Hildis cotton fabric = $7.99
Zipper: $1
Interfacing and thread from stash
Total: $8.99

  • Very cute skirt and Ikea is dangerous!

  • Another great version! I'm a little bit in love with this pattern and am very tempted to more. Great fabric from Ikea too.

  • The dotty fabric is great, lovely skirt!

  • Ikea has some very adaptable fabrics. Your skirt is stunning.

  • Love the striking colour/dot combo! I've seen some great designs at IKEA. I made temporary curtains last year from their fabrics and three months later turned them into bags and a couple of kiddie dresses.

  • Fabulous skirt!

  • Looks great

  • Wonderful skirt! And I love that you managed to be in & out in an hour – what's the secret! 😉

  • Great skirt. Why does it always happen, on a roll just before school goes back

  • I love your dotty skirt worn with your top (radiant orchid? You're so on trend!). The Rhodes IKEA is in my local shopping centre, so going to Ikea only needs an excuse as flimsy as buying groceries!

  • Ah, so great! I've always loved Jen's version and now I love yours, too 🙂

  • Congratulations on your spotty lines! Thankfully in Melbourne we only have one Ikea and since I live in Ballarat it is well over an hour away! Your skirt suits you so much and the length is lovely for a casual outing. Cheers, Karen

  • Love your skirt! What does using a slide at the waist mean? You got a lovely fit 🙂

  • Sorry I meant a hook and bar :). and I found two typos in the first few lines of my post – Yikes!

  • Ah, I understand! I was thinking "zip slider" or something like that! I didn't notice any typos 🙂