Dandelion shift V2

This fabric was one of my Christmas gifts. While the kids and Dave headed to the Opera House for show the Saturday before Christmas, I took a detour to The Fabric Store. How could I not buy this wild fabric? It’s a DKNY stretch cotton – similar to a poplin weight.

As with all my fabric purchases, as soon as I came home I threw it into the wash. Unfortunately, on this first wash the color ran into the white cloud patches. I phoned the Fabric Store straight away and they found the last piece of this fabric in the remnant bin and sent it to me. They were wonderfully polite and helpful.

Once I got home from my holidays, I washed the new and old fabric with vinegar and salt to try to set the colour. I washed by hand to maintain control and found the colour in the new fabric also bled like mad. The water looked like beetroot juice!


Thankfully after much rinsing, the water began to run clear and it seemed to have not bled into the white this time. During this hand washing, the bleeding on the original piece of fabric also disappeared. So while I paid for one piece of fabric, I ended up with two. This luck meant that I was able to make the Dandelion dress again.

Despite it appearing to look like a regular shift dress, the Dandelion is a bit of a fabric eater. For me a normal shift dress can often be made with just one length of fabric, but the Dandelion’s unique seam lines mean that you do need more. I guess I did also fussy cut a little, just to make sure a big white or red patch didn’t end up in certain places…

As with last time I added piping to the yoke and minimised some of the flare in the skirt by folding out about an inch of volume in the side panels. I also raised the entire dress by about 3/8 inch by sewing deeper shoulder seams and scooped the front neck a little to counter raising the dress. To streamline the finish and to ensure I didn’t have to worry too much about matching thread, I drafted an all in one neck and arm facing. As I only had a red invisible zipper on hand, I made sure that the back neck finished with a red blotch to match the zipper pull. I think this version fits much nicer than my first, probably due to the stretch in the fabric.

I really like this dress. It is very bright and summery, but I am a little worried about the wrinkly seam lines, especially on the back. I don’t think it looks this bad in real life, but photos don’t lie do they?. I’m hoping the fabric will relax a little with washing and wearing. I probably could also steam the heck out of it next time I wear it.

Pattern: Dandelion dress by Disparate Disciplines , used before = Free
Fabric: 1m Stretch cotton from The Fabric Store (additional fabric was needed to make this dress, but I only paid for 1m) = $20
Zipper: $3?
Thread and interfacing from stash
Total: $23

  • Fantastic job on the pattern matching and another gorgeous dress.

  • Looks great on you! I love those seam lines, making it a little different to a regular shift. Nice fitting too. I feel for you with the fabric bleeding. It can be so disappointing, but glad it seemed to wash out for you (with all that effort!)

  • Lovely! That fabric is gorgeous and the dress looks great on you.

  • What a fabulous fabric – and very lucky with the fabric bleeding and then coming good. This shape of dress looks great on you, and hopefully those lines will disappear as the fabric gets used to being a dress.

  • Such a great dress. I really love the fabric you have used, you have a great eye for prints.

  • What a great save on the fabric, you must have been so annoyed to begin with! I love this dress made in this fabric – the large scale print is perfect. And while I don't think that th camera lies it can definitely emphasise and distort more than what the eye can actually perceive

  • Well saved!!! I love the dandelion dress – and definitely your use of piping on the back yoke – looks wonderful.

  • Great fabric, love the colours – cant believe I missed seeing it at TFS. Shift looks great, am a big fan of them, so easy for summer!

  • Such pretty colors in that fabric. I'm glad you were able to salvage it. What a great summery shift dress!

  • How disappointing it must have been when the dye bled and how much work you went to fix it! And the results are a lovely, eye catching dress. Congrats. Cheers, Karen